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Lady Lavender {08.11.2012}

Hello lovies! It's been a long time since I've posted anything that's not considered as a blah post. This outfit post is actually a very long overdue post. I think I should have posted this around two weeks ago? I just couldn't get myself into the mood of editing the photos and not to mention Google+ on my laptop was bitching. Any who, I'll get on with the post.

Blazer/Elle. Dress/Sewn with Love. Tube Top/H&M. Shoes/S&H. Accessories/Bazaars + Romwe.
I wore this outfit on a movie date with Jac of Vogue Esprit. Well, it's not actually a date since we didn't pay for our tickets but you get the point. If you've read my older posts, you'd know that I won Mandaue Foam's contest on Nuffnang Philippines for the Bourne Legacy screening. This was my outfit for the screening.

I think my general thought when I was choosing what to wear the day before was that I was going to an event so I wanted to look good but I also considered that I'll be watching a movie so I'll probably need something to keep me warm. So, with those things considered, I chose to wear this little ensemble. It looks good on me, it's girly but comfy, and the blazer I wore kept me warm for the whole movie.

I think what makes a look interesting are the small details and little quirks here and there. I'm particularly fond of this blazer that I bought during an international bazaar at PICC a few years back. If my memory serves me right, I bought this in the Korea booth for only 300 pesos (or around 8USD). What I love about this blazer is that it has this stripe details underneath that when I roll up the blazer's sleeves it makes a very interesting piece.

Here's a closer look of the sleeve. Nice right? It's made out of silk or satin cloth, I'm not really sure, so it's really soft and eye-catching. Plus, the design is simple yet very stylish. I am just totally in love with this little detail. I think it's one of my most abused blazer, actually it's my only blazer, yet. I think I need to invest more on blazers. Don't you think?

Another lovely detail that I love on this look is this crochet upper detailing of the dress. I would love to wear this dress with no cover-up or tube top underneath but I'm just not confident enough. Not yet, at least. I am absolutely smitten with it's simplicity and femininity that I just can't help myself but to feel good about myself. I think that's one perk of having clothes that look good on you, it boosts your confidence ten-folds sometimes even hundreds!

As for my shoes, I chose to use these cute brogues that my cousin bought from S&H during the SuperSale Bazaar last year. I bought a similar pair but with a different color. I decided to ask my cousin to let me borrow it since she hasn't used it yet. I know, it's already a year and she still hasn't used it. It's crazy right? I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from using a shoe that I bought recently or what-not. Hahaha!

Accessories, accessories, accessories. What will I do without you? I am absolutely crazy for accessories. I remember before I used to hate wearing accessories because it felt so bothersome but now, I'm crazy over them. I just can't have enough of them. For Christmas, I'll definitely ask for some accessories from my aunts and maybe some shoes as well. Hahaha!

That's it for me! Do hype this look, here.
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  1. I'm so in love with your rings!
    You look super cute with this dress!


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