Friday, August 03, 2012

Incoming Packages

Hey lovelies! I'm getting really impatient with my incoming packages from Romwe. I'm overreacting since I ordered them last week but I really want use my new jumper and bag. I'm dying here. Hahaha! I just checked the order information and I'm so happy that it's already in the Philippines. The only thing left for me to do now is to wait for my notice from the post office and I can finally get my beloved jumper and my backpack.
I wanted to show to you guys what I bought but when I checked for the items again, the only one I saw was my jumper. So, I'll just post my jumper's photo from the website here and make another post for the backpack when my package arrives. Sounds fair right? I was really excited to show to you guys my backpack but I guess we just have to wait. :)

[this post was not sponsored in any way by Romwe]
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  1. I have this red jumper! Love it, gorgeous! Great minds and great style



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