Sunday, August 05, 2012

5 Ways To Get Through The Rainy Days

Hey you guys! It's one gloomy and rainy day here in the Philippines. Most likely people are on their beds, hugging their pillows and their blankets or cuddling with their loved ones. It's that type of weather, the bed weather. It's a good thing that it's Sunday today and students don't really need to wake up really early and just stay under the covers and waste the day away with comfort. But, I'm trying to be a productive buggy nowadays so I thought of sharing to you guys 5 ways to get through the rainy days without being a bum.
1. Arrange your closet. It may not be the most fun thing to do on some people's opinion but I find myself enjoying the feeling of arranging and clearing out my closet. I get to find clothes that I haven't worn, throw/donate some of the clothes I don't want to wear. Most importantly, I get to see what I need when I need it and not go through a whole lot pile of clothes. Ladies, you know what I mean.
2. Plan for a getaway trip. It could be with your friends or your family. Just because it's raining the whole, it doesn't mean that it'll rain the whole month. What you can do is plan for a trip, during the week-ends or maybe the next month, and the thought of going to a place warm and dry can instantly make your day better. Also, there are a lot of airfare ticket sales during the rainy seasons and it's one of the greatest times to buy tickets to other countries like Singapore, Hong Kong or maybe Thailand.
3. Read a book. I love reading, although I've lost the habit since I entered college, I still love reading a good book. It doesn't have to be a best seller or an intense high intelligence book, it just needs to be a book. Books have 2 purposes for me. One, it entertains me whenever I am bored or whenever I need a break from all the movies and series I'm watching. Two, it helps me increase my vocabulary and fix my grammar. Books can take you to far away lands and bizarre places, all you have to do is let it take you there. Let yourself go and immerse yourself to the story of the book and before you know it, it's sunny again. :)
4. Find a recipe online and make it. I wasn't into these stuff before but now that I'm a Pescetarian, I try to research seafood recipes to give variety to the food I eat. It's hard to eat fish over and over again when it's cooked the same way everyday. So, I research recipes and do them when I'm stuck at home and got nothing better to do. Or if you don't want to make it today, you can just bookmark it or print it out and do it on some other day.
5. Make a DIY project. Do-it-yourself projects are my new favorite thing to do nowadays. I just finished making a DIY paper accessories holder for my rings and my bracelets and I'm in the process of "pimping" my canvass sneakers. DIYs are great to spend your time in a productive manner during the rainy days. It's creative, productive and you can use it after you make it. It's a win-win situation!
I'll end my post here. I hope I helped you guys get through the rainy season/rainy days with these small tips. I'd love to know what you do when you're stuck at home and you've got nothing to do. No video games, no boyfriends, just you and everything that's in your house. Do comment down below. I'd love to hear your stories! :)
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  1. I'd really like to organize my closet...but it's sooooo hard to actually get up and do it. Ahhhh isn't that terrible? I always bake on slow days. Love making cookies~

    Just followed you on GFC and Twitter - looking forward to more fun posts!

  2. Hey Ally! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Commented and followed on your blog! Hope you'll get to see it.

    And yes, I do have the same problem as you. When you're already in bed and the weather's too perfect for sleeping, it just feels impossible to do something productive. What I usually do is not stay in bed or not go to my bedroom so that I won't get tempted to sleep or just bum around. Hahaha! xx

  3. Great ideas! I'm too lazy to organize my closet, but need to so badly! I usually opt for making food - and hoping the electric doesn't go! ;)

    1. Yeah. It's more "fun" to cook that to organize during the rainy days. Hahaha! Yes! That's one thing I do too! I hope that the electricity doesn't go too! I get really freaked out by the loud thunder. XD

      Thanks for dropping by Anthony! Give my best to Elle! xx

  4. I really love arranging my closet and desk on rainy days! Also, I like to look through things and throw some old stuff away that I don't use anymore.
    The another thing that I love to do, when it rains, is searching for inspiration. I love browsing on weheartit or pinterest and just look beautiful pictures or some DIY-s!



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