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Behind The Monitor: Jessica Tuong

Hey lovies! My very first interview/feature post on this blog. I'm quite excited. If you've seen my previous post/teaser of this new segment on my blog then you probably know who I'll be interviewing.

She's a 20-something finance/law student by day, fashion blogger at breaks and a total fashionista from Vietnam but now lives in Australia. She's got the brain, the style and the personality to match! I'd dare say she's quite perfect. Although she's new to the whole blogging scene, (she started her blog this June) she's already getting noticed by brands like The Iconic, getting hundreds of followers in her blog and not to mention the hypes she has on her Lookbook!

I won't make this a long introduction.
I'm very happy and quite proud to give you my very
first featured blogger, Jessica Tuong of Mind, Body, Shop.

First, introduce yourself. Who is Jessica Tuong?
"I am a 23 year old finance/law student, completing my final year of university.
I am still figuring out my future, enjoying life and always bargain hunting."

What made you start blogging or why did you start blogging?
"My shopping addiction! It helps with my buyer’s remorse! Haha.
But mainly I began blogging in order to connect with other lovers of fashion
and to find and improve on my own personal style."

 How do you choose the looks or the outfits you post on your blog?
"I am always shopping, so I usually find one stand out piece
that I fall absolutely in love with, and then I plan the outfit around that.
I am also a colour junkie, so even if the clothes are a neutral
I will almost always brighten it up with splashes of colour."

If you were to describe your personal style in 3 words, what words would it be and why?
"I would describe my personal style as Classic, Girly and a little bit edgy.
This is because I am a girly girl at heart and I love clothing which
I can hold on to and re-wear for years."

What fashion trend do you think we’d never see you sport? Why?
"Probably the brightly coloured hair trend that’s going on right now!
Not that I don’t love it – on some girls it looks amazing.
But “I” could never pull that off!"

Although Jessica's answer to the last question  is a bit hard to believe since I can totally see her fashioning an ombre style hair with pink or blue tips, I'll just keep my mouth shut. Hahaha! That's the "basic" stuff I wanted to ask Jessica and it's safe to say that we got a little two cents of who she is and what we can see in her blog. Now I asked Jessica a few more questions...

Name 3 things you can’t live without.
"My four cats, my car and Michael Kors Watch."

What’s the #1 thing on your wish list?
"A Chanel Classic Bag (one day...)"

Name 3 people that had greatly influenced you and your sense of style. 
"The Kardashian sisters (That counts as three, right?).
I just think that their style is amazing and they know how to dress a curvier girl,
especially since I am far from a size zero!"

Can you give a short message/advice to my readers on
how they can express themselves through fashion?
"There is not one uniform category of style, there are so many and that is
what makes fashion fun! Pick and choose what trends you like, but
don’t feel like you have to conform."

"Be yourself, and wear what makes you feel confident and happy!"
I asked you guys to come up with questions that you want to ask Jessica and I've chosen 3 great questions. I was quite happy that you guys made really great questions for her to answer. The 3 questions that I've chosen are:

As a first generation Vietnamese, were you brought up showcasing your Vietnamese
heritage? Do you think it affected your fashion inspiration? - Paula Navalete, DLSU

"My Vietnamese heritage was a big part of my life when I was younger (in fact I probably spoke better Vietnamese as a toddler than I do now! haha). As I got older, you could say that I became more "westernised", but there is a huge Vietnamese community in Sydney and most of my friends are first generation as well, so being Vietnamese is still an important part of my identity. 

My heritage has not influenced my style too much unfortunately. When you grow up with magazines such as Cosmo and Girlfriend, you do become influenced by the western standards of beauty. Also, by Vietnamese standards, lighter skin and a very petite frame is considered beautiful. However, I love to tan and am a curvier and taller than most Vietnamese girls so I guess I found it hard to relate either. I like what I like, and Australian or Vietnamese culture doesn't affect me too much"

As a Vietnamese living in Australia, how do you think does a difference in culture
affect your lifestyle? Is it hard to cope with other cultures? - Jolo De Guzman, UST

"No it is not hard to cope with other cultures at all. Australia is a melting pot of different cultures, and I consider it a privilege that I get to experience so many of them. Also, the majority of the people in Australia are very tolerant and accepting of other cultures. Occasionally, I may run into situations where I feel discriminated against, but those people are just ignorant and usually uneducated - so I don't let it bother me too much!"

What are your top 5 key items to constitute a great look? Meaning, how can you make
a great outfit with only 1-5 key items? - Hope Reyes, She Was A Star Collector

1. One stand out clothing piece: Whether its bottoms or tops, I always want something that is a little bit edgy or different (I am allergic to plain!).
2. Gold Jewellery: I love GOLD jewellery, you will almost always see me with it. 
3. Matching accessories: I love to match my shoes/bag/belt to what I am wearing. If my outfit is loud, I go for simple accessories. If my outfit is simple, I got for statement pieces!
4. Match my hair & make up to the outfit: Hair and make-up can make a huge difference - if you get it right it can really enhance any outfit.
5. The perfect pair of sunglasses: Sunglasses are like the cherry on top of the cake. If I can find sunnies along with all of the above, I know I have a winning outfit!

And that's the end of my very first interview/feature segment! What did you guys think? Did Behind The Monitor pass? I'd love to know your response! Also, for my Filipino followers or maybe even my international followers that know this local personality, don't you think she looks a tad bit like our mother, Divine Lee? 
Is it just me or do you guys see it as well? xx
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  1. Congratulations on the new segment, lovin' the first post definitely a good read. On Jessica she's beautiful, super like how expressive she is with her clothes. And yes she looks like Divine Lee

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    i found your blog through lookbook! fanning you! hopefully you can fan back and we'll hype eachother! :)

    following you on chictopia and bloglovin too!

  3. Great interview post! I took a few mental notes as I was reading. You have a lot of personality!

  4. Nice segment.. Looking forward to your next featured blogger.. ^^

  5. Such a great post introducing bloggers,


  6. you have a great blog <3 I love it.

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