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[08.06.2012] Monotonous Femme

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Hey lovies! I told you I was on a roll. Hahaha! Making another outfit post today. I'm loving the fact that I'm making more and more outfit post nowadays that I actually like. I mean, I actually think it's worth blogging about. I'm also starting to widen my horizons by wearing more skirts and dresses. Have you noticed it? What do you think suits me more, feminine or androgyny? 

Actually, I didn't wear this today but I wore it yesterday. If you've read my previous post, this one, then you probably know that I had a family bonding day with my parents yesterday. I posted my outfit for the day but you guys didn't know that we actually went out again in the evening. We went out to eat on a nearby restaurant that my mom had been eyeing for a couple of months now. Yes, my mom's a foodie. I got my love for good food and travel from her. ;)

Crop Top/Guess?. Skirt/Marks & Spencer. Bag/Marks & Spencer. Mobius Ring/Le Papillon. Statement Ring/FBTL Manila. Owl Necklace/Romwe. Bracelets/SuperSale Bazaar. Feather & Comb Cuff Earring/Romwe. Lipstick/Maybelline "Wine R41".

I really have to say this, I'm shocked as to how I'm able to wear a skirt and a crop top at this weather. Actually, I'm more shocked that I actually have the confidence to wear something like this outfit. If you guys don't know, I'm a plus size girl and being a plus size girl in an Asian world is hard. You can't buy clothes that you see on plus size models because it's not available in your country, you can't wear sleeveless clothes because people will stare you down and look disgusted, and you when you do find clothes that fit you, it's twice sometimes three times the price. It's just hard.

Here's, somewhat, a closer look at the accessories that I wore during our dinner. I'm wearing my Mobius ring that I bought from Le Papillon in SMX Luxe Sale on my right hand. I'm also wearing a statement ring I bought from FBTL Manila (which also sponsors my blog's current giveaway that lets you win coupons from them, all you have to do is join this) and an "A" ring that's sort of a heirloom on my left hand. As for my owl necklace it's a freebie from Romwe when I joined their video contest. Lastly, my bracelets which I bought in random booths in SuperSale Bazaar.

Now on to my interesting new accessory. I know I haven't worn this on any outfit post but I've shown it to you guys on an Instagram post. I bought this totally rad ear cuff from Romwe. It's a feather and comb ear cuff with an orange gradient feather design. When I first saw this on Romwe's website, I know I just had to have it. So, I bought it with the gift certificate that I got from Romwe's video contest. Hahaha!

I think it's becoming a thing now. Here's a face shot! Hahaha! I'm still wearing Maybelline's Colorsensation Wine lipstick or R41 and I've already said why I love it on my previous outfit post. You can have a much better look of my bracelets and the rings. If you have a good eye, you can see one of my other earring that I bought from Romwe. It's a palm and eye. Hahaha! If you see it, let me know. :)
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