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[08.04.2012] Tribal Days

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Hey lovies! I've got an outfit post today and some great news. I have to tell you guys first about the news. I've been told that there's something coming for me in my mail that I'm going to giveaway to you lovely readers. Although it's limited to my readers in the Philippines, I would love it if you guys joined and shared it with your friends/readers. I'll just post about the giveaway once the item's here. Yes? Okay. :)

Tribal Top/Indonesia. Shorts/Durable Goods(thrifted). Belt/Xara WMN. Mustard Sandals/FitFlop. Bag/Martino. Bracelets/Girl Shoppe. Rings/SuperSale Bazaar. Lipstick/Ever Bilena "Love That Red".

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Here's what I wore today. I actually didn't go out but I just happened to feel really good with what I'm wearing today. I think the reason for my great boost in confidence is my diet and the way I look at life nowadays. I'm still a plus size girl but I'm more confident with my body now. Not to mention, some of the clothes I couldn't wear before, I'm able to sport now. For example, those shorts. A few months ago or last year to be precise, I couldn't fit in to them anymore but now, as you can see. They fit!

This is a close-up of the tribal print on my shirt. I don't actually know where this shirt is from since it's my aunt who bought it and I just took it from her closet. She's throwing away some of her clothes so I took it as an opportunity to expand mine. Hahaha! I just love the print. It's so ethnic and pure, plus the shirt's really comfy. Not to mention, I didn't pay a single cent for it.

Here's my face shot. I didn't put any make-up on today since I didn't go outside but for this outfit post shoot, I decided to put on this luscious matte red lipstick called Love That Red from Ever Bilena. It's not a blaring red lipstick but it does make your lips pop. I really like partnering red lipstick with simple outfits since it gives your look a bit of an oomph. I'm also loving my hair color even though I'm already getting roots and it's slowly fading to brown instead of copper, which is my original hair color after I dyed it.

I think I'll end my post here.
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