Thursday, July 12, 2012

Viral Spotlight: Neon Indians - Deadbeat Summer

Neon Indians - Deadbeat Summer (Unofficial Music Video)

Hello loves! I'm in YouTube wonderland since earlier today and I just couldn't help myself. I had to share one video that I saw that I know you guys would appreciate. Being an ex-girlfriend of a frustrated skater, I became fascinated with skateboarding. Although, I think I've always been fascinated by skateboarding, even before I met my ex-boyfriend. What ever the case may be, I really wanted you guys to see this video. I think this is real skateboarding, how skateboarding really should be like. Extreme yet, fun.

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  1. Achei seu blog na blogosfera.
    E adoreii!

    Já estou te seguindo..
    Me visite tbm

    Ótima 5ª feiraa \º/

    1. Commented on your blog! Thanks again for visiting my blog! Besos! :*


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