Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Refresh Yourself!

Hey lovelies! I'm shocking myself with the amount of inspiration and determination I have these couple of days. I'm no longer a procrastinating teen that loves to waste away my time with series that seem to never end and my crazed phase of non-stop Korean dramas. Don't get me wrong though. I'm still watching KDramas and American TV Series but I'm not spending 8-10 hours of my day watching them. I feel like I'm growing up! Hahaha!

I've been so inspired by so many blogs around the world that I've actually made my very first lemon juice mix. Yes, that's right. This is the first time I've made lemon juice. I thought that since it's my first time I'll do something more than a lemon juice. Recently, I've bought some herbs in the supermarket and I thought about mixing these up with the lemon juice. Here's my little rendition of the good ol' lemon juice. :)

Here's what you need to remake my Lemon and Thyme Juice:
  • 500ml Water
  • 1 Lemon
  • Your choice of herbs
  • 5-6 tablespoons of Sugar
  • a Cute Cup
You might be confused because of the large amount of sugar you'll need for the lemon juice, don't mind it. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I like my juices sweet and even if it's a lemon juice, I want it to be sweet. Hahaha! As for my herb, I was thinking of choosing either Thyme or Rosemary but I've figured I'll just make another one next time and I'll use what I didn't use today. I picked Thyme, just because. :)

Did you know, Thyme was used as a cough medicine, a remedy for intestinal parasites, and as a digestive aid during the Middle Ages in Europe!

To make the lemon and thyme juice, you need to cut and squeeze your lemons. I don't have a lemon squeezer so I just used a fork to fully squeeze the lemons. I like having pulp on my juices so I didn't sift it out, as well as the seeds. If you don't want the pulp and the seeds, I suggest you put a sift on top of your cup or your pitcher.

Next, add water and thyme in your cup with the freshly squeezed lemon juice. I'm just making a cup of lemon juice so I don't need a lot of lemons and water. My ratio for the water and lemon is 1 lemon for a glass of water. Fresh thyme isn't easily accessible here so I made due with a packaged thyme that can be easily bought in the supermarket.

After adding water to your fresh lemon juice, add sugar. As I've said, I admit to having a sweet tooth thus the large amount of sugar I've put in the mix. I've put around 5-6 tablespoons of sugar. It really depends on your preference. Lastly, taste it! If you feel like there's something missing, just add it up until it suits your taste.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed my little lemon juice "recipe". It's my first time doing a "recipe" post since I'm not much of a cook in our house but I do love to try new things out. Hopefully, in the future, I'll make more "recipe" posts in the future. :)
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  1. Hi Renee! Thanks for your comment! And yes please feel free to go to Bargain Hunt. Invite your friends too! I'll be there on Friday and a few hours on Sunday. On Saturday kasi I have a shoot. I'm sooo glad you enjoyed the super sale bazaar! Thank you so much for coming dear!

    1. Can I just fan girl for a bit? I can't believe you visited my blog. I'm such a fan! ♥ I'll invite my friends, hopefully they'll be free or my parents would accompany me there. I really hope to meet you soon so I can thank you personally. ♥

  2. Hey Renee, nice to meet you! I hope we'll follow each other.

    1. Of course! I'm all for bloggers supporting each other! We're all in this together right? :)

  3. Simple instructions, made it and I made my own version.. LOL, thanks for this lovely lady. :)
    Ashley | Olympic 2012 Games

    1. I'm really glad you've tried it! I hope you can send me pics! I'm rather intrigued with your version. :)

  4. im definitely going to try this


    1. Do tell me how it'll taste and what herb you chose to use. :)


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