Tuesday, July 31, 2012

News: Will It Be Good Or Not?

Hey lovies! I've been anxious for the past few days due to my unknown test results in the entrance exam in College of Saint-Benilde. I've been trying to drown the anxiety and the fear that's at the bottom of my heart with Korean Dramas, rock/alternative music and a lot of mindless chores. I've even turned to cooking and food experimentation just to keep my mind and heart at bay.

I got my results today and I was scared as fuck. I wasn't confident with my test answers and I was pretty sure I shotgunned most of the questions in the Mathematics test. Math's just not my thing, you see. I was really worried that I'm gonna fail the test and end up studying elsewhere. If you guys don't know, I'm changing schools and the school I want to transfer to is part of my previous school's affiliated schools. They're also one of the pioneer and top school for the course I want to take up, which is Multimedia Arts. I just really want to get in the program and the school.

My heart was pounding when I went to the Admissions Office and held that envelope in my hands. I was scared that I'm gonna fail and ruin the opportunity my parents have given me again. I actually prolonged the suspense of knowing the results by staying with some of my friends in my previous school for a while. I just didn't know if I could handle the result or not. I'm actually very thankful that my friends, Tehsa and Clarence, was there for support.

I'm very happy to report to you guys that I've successfully passed the exam and managed to get 19 subjects credited. I don't know if people I know still read this blog or if they are reading it still, know about my circumstances. I just wanted to let my friends that read this blog know since I haven't been that active in Facebook or to frequently go to Taft whenever I miss them. I just thought they should know it via this blog post.

I'm going back to school this September 6 and I can't wait to blog about my experience, hardship and projects in the future. I hope you'll still be there when the time comes that I've fully fixed this phase of my life. That is the reason of making this blog, did you know that? I wanted to have a diary of sorts where I can write and share how I've finally fixed my life. Maybe someday, I'll even use it as part of my autobiography. :)

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  1. congratulations :) have fun in school, or should i say, enjoy it while it lasts haha!! :)

  2. congrats! :D I also don't have a thing for math and i'm really nervous to see my result tom. :( anyways, im also taking multimedia arts.


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