Monday, July 23, 2012

Nail Me: Tangerine

Hey lovely beasts! Yesterday I went out with my aunt and cousins to a nearby mall in our place. We were there for some errands but I managed to sneak in a little something for me. I got some fabulous new nail polish and I tried one of them out last night. I wanted bright and summer-y nails, even though it's raining all day/all week here in the Philippines. I just decided I wanted something with a pop. So, here's what I decided my nails would sport for the week.

I bought this lovely shade of orange while we were in the supermarket. I forgot to take a photo of the bottle though. It's Coronia's Tangerine nail polish, regular. I love the color. It's not overly striking but it's not dull as well. In my opinion, it's just right. I also love that it's tangerine, a favorite color of the season. If you're wondering what my pointing finger is sporting, it's not Coronia's Tangerine but Chic's Tea Rose.

For my readers that are not from the Philippines, both nail polishes are made in the Philippines and I believe they are only sold locally. If you're looking for similar colors, I believe Target sells one with the same color for $5 (Sonia Kashuk's Tango Mango); Sephora is also selling a wonderful tangerine nail polish set for $17 (Pantone of the Year Nail Enamel Set); Essie also has a great tangerine colored nail polish for around $6 (Tangerine 116); lastly, OPI also has an awesome tangerine nail polish for $10 (Tangerine Scene D13).

Do you guys love or hate the tangerine?

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  1. hi sweetie! i just found your blog today and i love it! please check out my blog and if you like it we can follow each other

    tell me what you think,

    1. Hi Carolina! Commented and Followed! ♥ xx

  2. Hey dear <3 thanks for following me :) i just return follow <3
    You have a nice cute blog :)
    And you just wrote about my favorite nail color also <3

    Have a niceday <3

    1. I'm totally loving tangerine tango! I can really see why this is the pantone of the year. :) xx


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