Friday, July 27, 2012

Mezza Norte

At first, there was Mercato then came Distrito and many other midnight food hubs had followed since then. I'm really happy to tell you guys that the North finally has it's own "Mercato". If you're not familiar with what Mercato Centrale is, it's an overnight hawker style food market where foodies like me hangout and enjoy ourselves 'till the wee mornings. It's not a daily thing but more of a week-end extravagance. I'm really excited to go here later with my family since I don't usually go out with my friends when they're going to Mercato Centrale. I live in the North, Mercato's on the far South. It was just not meant to be. So, when I heard that the organizers of Mercato Centrale was planning on opening something similar to it here in the North, I was thrilled.

If you guys are from the North and you're planning on having a great food week-end, I suggest you drop on by to Mezza Norte. They've got good food, great music and wi-fi! Not to mention the entrance is FREE! It's just every food bloggers dream. Right? I'll post tomorrow the photos from Mezza North if my parents do agree on going there later. :)

If you're going to Mezza later, let me know! I'd love to meet some of you guys. :)

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[Photo and Poster was taken from Mezza Norte]

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