Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday Shoot: Summer Scape

Hey you lovely beasts! I am finally, finally, posting the first set of three posts of my birthday shoot with Jac. This was taken last month and we've been very excited to share it with you guys ever since we got the photos. You've read the Behind-The-Scenes, which you can find here, and I've given you guys some teasers the past few days. Now, I'm going to show you guys most of the photos for my first look which I called "Summer Scape".

Kimono Cover-Up/Greenhills. Top/Aunt. Midi Skirt/Thrift Shop. Espadrilles Wedge/SLEX. Earrings/A'postrophe. Rosary/DLSU. Nail Polish/The Face Shop
I love this look because it's so summer-y and light. Although I don't look that good since this was the last set and we were shooting for half a day. I'm not complaining but, yeah. Hahaha! If you want to see more photos, click the read more to see some of the photos I chose to show you guys. There are a lot of great shots but these are some of my favorites. You can also check out the other photos from Jac's blog. :)

Remember this photo? I used it on this post. I totally love these photos. I edited it a bit so that it'll be in black and white. I think black and white photos are superb. They give off that sultry and classic look that seems to give more depth to a story. I don't know, maybe that's just me. Hahaha! Anyway, I love this photo and I have to thank Kevin Basco for taking it. I also have to thank Albert Liboon for the Vern & Verniece Enciso inspired photo.

Now for these solo photos, I have to thank Lloyd Frilles. I don't even know where I got the confidence to pose in such a way but yeah. That's me. Hahaha! I didn't even think I could sport this look. So, what do you guys think? Can I become a plus-size model? 

I love this photo. We look like we just came from a party. It would have been so awesome if this was taken on the beach. We'd totally look like we came from a beach party or a summer themed party. Kudos again to Lloyd for this awesome photo. The lighting and the effect is just superb.

Photo Courtesy of Albert Liboon, Kevin Basco and Lloyd Frilles. Photo Editing by moi.

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  1. both of your outfits are super cute! i love it. Jac's shorts are soooooooo bright. it's very summery!

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    1. Hi Carrie! Thanks for the comment! I know right? Her shorts are very summery. I'll check out your giveaway later. :)

  2. Hi Renee, found your blog over top blog Philippines under plus size and I am so happy that community is getting bigger everyday. Photos are great!! you and your friend look adorable. Love that you are rocking each pose with the kimono jacket. Definitely wearing your style! :)

    1. Hi Mitch! I'm also happy that there's more plus size bloggers out int the interwebs. I hope that someday more Filipinas will love their bodies and not think that having a few pounds is ugly. I've been there. I've always hidden away from fashion because I thought I didn't deserve it or I can't wear clothes like skinny girls do. Blogging really helped me realize that I was wrong. So, power to the plus size women! Right? :)


  3. Nice outfits!


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