Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Shoot: Grounded

I am back my lovely beasts! I'm finally back after a long Super Junior obsession hiatus. Yes, I'm part of the millions that admire and love them. I'm a hidden E.L.F. Hahaha! I've posted my first set of the birthday shoot that Jac and I did with some of our photographer friends. Now, here's the second set of that birthday shoot. I'm excited and a little scared to show this to you guys but I've been getting good results from my friends and of course, you guys. I'm very thankful for that.

Top/H&M. Cutoff Shorts/Bench. Cardigan/Terranova. 5-inch Heels/People are People. Hat/Jac. Rosary/DLSU. Blush/MAC (Dirty Plum).  Lipstick/Maybelline (Moisture Extreme 929).
This is one of my most relaxed yet girly outfits. I'm not the type that loves wearing girly clothes but I do love to experiment and do that mix-and-match thing. Let's just say that this set is as colorful as the first one but more laid back and relaxed. I'm someone that likes being comfortable in what I'm wearing. Shorts + Top, that's my usual go-to outfit. I don't have the skinniest or the most toned legs but I do love the proportion of my body. If you want to see more of this outfit, then...
I am undoubtedly in love with U.P. Diliman's school grounds. It's one of the greenest and earth-friendly places I know. If only I live closer or in a mere walking distance from U.P. I would be there 5-6 hours a day. I'm not kidding. I just love it.

Can I just say, I love how my legs look like in these photos. It looks so lean and yet, still me! Hahaha! Also, might I add, my legs look like they don't have any cellulite. Shocking, I know. I think I do have to thank my gorgeous heels for the illusion of my legs being perfect. It's a 5-inch heel that makes my legs go on forever and makes me look like I'm 5"8' tall. It's simply marvelous.

I'm such an Asian kid. Seriously, sometimes I wonder why I have such chink eyes. I'm not complaining since I do think my eyes are one of my best assets but it just gets to me. Some people say that I look Chinese but I'm too dark. Some people would say that I look like a Korean but then they'll say that I'm also too dark to be a Korean. Hahaha! It just gets to me, you know?

See, I told you my legs look great in these shoes. Hahaha! I just love them and I was really lucky that I bought them during a sale. I think I got it for around half of its price. A few hours ago, just before I made this post, a friend of mine gave me a link to an open plus size modelling go see. I'm considering on joining and I was hoping on getting your opinion on this. I'm not that confident with my modelling skills but I am very interested on trying it out. What do you think? Should I join the plus size modelling go see?

I'll end my post here. I'm off to the Post Office to get my Romwe freebies. Ciao!
[Photo Courtesy of Albert Liboon, Kevin Basco, Lloyd Frilles]

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  1. You girls looks so amazing! Lovely photos :)


    1. Thanks Nyla! You're as lovely as we are! ;)


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