Sunday, July 08, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Birthday Shoot

Hey you lovely piece of work! As you all know, I'm going to be 19 tomorrow and I don't give a damn. I feel like I'm getting older but I still refuse to be old. I can't believe how fast time goes by and how easy it is for your life to just pass by you. It has been one hell of year for me and I've gone through so much changes, as you guys should know. I've lost a boyfriend, lost a blockmate and even lose some of my weight. I just can't believe that tomorrow, at 12 noon, I'm officially a 19 year old bum. Yes, I'm a bum since I'm not currently enrolled in any university and/or part of any organization. How lame is that? Hahaha! Anyway, here's a behind the scene post of Jac and I's birthday shoot with Alsph Liboon, Lloyd Frilles and Kevin Basco as our photographers.

My feet was devastated after the shoot. I'm not a regular high heel wearing lady but hell, I tried wearing high heels during the shoot. I thought it would make my legs look lean, and it did, but I suffered from leg cramps after the shoot. Hahaha! I guess you really have to sacrifice some thing for a little taste of beauty.

Our photographers for the shoot. They're our high school friends that are into photography and were kind enough to be our photographers for free. They're angels. LOLNo. Albert, the one wearing black, and Lloyd, the one wearing grey, are such dolls. They've been very kind and patient with Jac and I even though we are terrible models. Actually, scrap that. I was a terrible model. Hahaha! I just can't seem to project in a certain way. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

That's us goofing around during the shoot. Kevin, another photographer for the shoot, and my most beloved papa is a killer. He's just a goofball and I don't even know if he's funny or just plain... Nevermind. We've been like a father and child or something like that during our high school years. It was really good seeing them again. Not much has changed but there are still some changes. :)

One of the most difficult thing about doing a shoot, in my opinion, is the posing. It's so hard to find that good angle at the right time and place. I'm telling you, it's really hard! You have those awkward, should we talk to make it look more real or should we just pose? I don't know about Jac but I sure had a hard time posing or making myself look decent on my photos. Hahaha! I'm just gonna let you guys decide. Tell me if I did something good or bad in the shoot. I would love to know your comments and constructive criticisms. :)

That's the end of this post. Don't forget about tomorrow guys! I'll be having a big birthday bash for you lovely readers and I hope you'll enjoy the surprise that I'm going to give you. I hope you'll love it! Also, I'll be posting the complete shoot on the following days. I think I'll divide it into three posts so I won't make it a photo heavy post. I can't wait for tomorrow and I can't believe that I'll be 19 tomorrow! Gaaahhhhh~

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  1. Hey Renee, you bum! :)
    Happy birthday! enjoy your day today!

    (btw, i sent you an email last night, hope you find it. )


    1. Thank you for greeting me Eli, I must've overlooked your comment. Sorry if I just replied today. </3


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