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[07.28.2012] Keep Denim On!

Hey loves! I'm on high spirits today due to the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies and I thought why waste my day cooped up inside the house when I can go out and have a breather. I was supposed to go to a bazaar today but sadly my partner in crime refused to go. Traffic was horrible at that time so I understood her. My outfit for today is an answer to a challenge on mixing denim with denim. Hence, the title of this post: Keep Denim On!

I hope you ladies would like this post and maybe even try out mixing your denims with another denim! Even though I'm not really sure if I carried this look well, I do hope I get cookie points for effort and courage. Hahaha! Anyway, here's a rundown of what I wore today. Enjoy!

Acid Washed Denim Top/Thrifted L.L. Bean. DIY Tattered Denim Pants/Jag Jeans. Flats/Australian. Brife Style Open Ring + Owl Necklace/Romwe. Multi-linked Ring/Le Papillon. Bracelets + Bangles/SuperSale Bazaar.

My denim polo's from a thrift store somewhere in Blumentritt, Manila. I've bought it for around 70 pesos (that's around $2) and it's really big on me. I've posted a look with this top before, you can see it here. I partnered the top with a DIY tattered pants that I made a few months back. I'm not sure if I paired the two correctly or it was a miss. I also kept my shoes on the same color palette as my top so that it won't be overwhelming or what-not.

Here's a close up of my tattered pants and a little closer look on the accessories I wore for today. I won't put much detail to it since I've posted it on other looks and such. I'm thinking of doing a DIY post for my tattered pants but I'll have to think about it though. I have to decide which one of my few pants I'm okay restyling. Hahaha!

Here's a closer look of the accessories that I wore today. All those bracelets are from different bazaars and sale around the metro and I'm really happy that I've bought them. Although, I think I want to buy more. Loads more! I think having too much accessories will never happen. You just want more and more of them. Right? Or is it just me?

An even much closer look to the rings that I wore and the necklace that was given to me by Romwe after I entered their video contest on YouTube. I was so happy that they're giving away freebies just to enter the contest. I think doing such things make a great promotional idea. Right? I've received a necklace, a shirt and a $50 gift certificate. Isn't that awesome?

My shoes for the day. I like to wear flats instead of heels because they're comfortable and easy to walk on. Also, I bear into mind the type of place I'll be going to and whether or not I'd subject myself to pain afterwards. As you girls would know, wearing heels for a day or even for just a few hours strains our legs and gives us one hell of a leg cramp. Hahaha!

So, that ends my outfit post for today loves. I hope you enjoyed reading that and hopefully I've inspired you to try out denim on denim. Do tell me if it's a hit or a miss. xx

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  1. lovely out fit.That ring is fire though, i literally thought you had your finger Pierced until i took a closer look. Haute.

    1. I don't think I can have my fingers pierced. I'm too much of a chicken. Hahaha! xx

  2. love your shirt!!! you're gorgeous!


  3. Thank you for featuring our black Mobius ring. We enjoyed reading your blog. Keep 'em coming! <3

  4. Loooving denim lately! Great look! And you easily spiced up a full denim look with great accessories!


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