Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Polka On A Rainy Day

Hello lovely ladies and handsome gents that are reading this blog and this post! I know, I haven't been as active as last month. No, I'm not particularly busy with my studies but I'm just plain old lazy. I've been watching Korean dramas like crazy. I'm pretty sure my Twitter followers know this but if you're not following me on Twitter, that's what I've been doing. I'm currently waiting for my transfer exam to come so, I'm not doing anything. I forgot to do a lot of posts and this is one of them. I should have done this post weeks ago! Anyway, I won't make it long.

This is the outfit that I wore when me and my mother went out on a little lunch date with some of our friends in a local luxury buffet in the Macapagal Area, near Mall of Asia. If you guys know what luxury buffet place I'm talking about, good. If you don't, then wait for my next post about that on my Foodie Log segment. I'm sure you food lovers will love that post since it'll be a photo heavy post. I guarantee it!

Now, on to the look. What I'm wearing on the photo on the right is from Xara Wmn which could be found in SM North's Department Store. I was actually shocked that SM's Department Store have upgraded and actually have great items. Before, I usually thought that clothes from SM were a bit generic but I was totally blown away by this dress. I love it and it's actually one of my favorite dresses, no doubt about it. It's not too high that it shows my humongous thighs but it's not too long that makes me look really short. So, it's just the right length for me. Not to mention, it also hides my arms which is such a huge insecurity of mine. Hahaha! Plus, it also fits me quite well since it's made for plus-sized women.

I think I've also posted a look about this dress but I used it as a top and not as a dress. If you guys want to see how I styled that look, you can just click here. I do hope you'll like the look and even hype it since you'd be re-directed to my Lookbook post. I would really appreciate it if you guys hyped my looks. :)

I'm wearing white flats from Australian a brand seen in Ayala Malls' Landmark and I bought this pair specifically in Trinoma. It was on sale for about 200pesos a pair, so I bought around 3-4 pairs of flats. Hahaha! It was a good investment. I've used them for a good 2 terms or so, both in dry and rainy season. It's really practical, easy and still stylish. I'm a fan of heels but I find it rather hard to commute in them so I wear flats on a regular basis. I think the best way to be practical and fashionable is to know when mid-year/mid-season sales in malls happen. I prefer to shop during sales rather than the regular season. I know some people believe that if you buy pieces from a season that's already ended, you're not in but I think people just need to find pieces that are timeless. I prefer buying pieces that can be worn during summer, the rainy season and even during the unexpected weather conditions in the Philippines.

As for my accessories, I wore multicolored bangles that I bought from a stall in Greenhills Shopping Center called, Girl Shoppe. It was around 140 pesos for a whole set, around 4-6 pieces. I particularly love the hot pink floral bangles. Although the photo's not that clear, I hope you guys can still appreciate it. I also partnered the look with a leather band that came free with a pair of Levi's pants. I love this band, especially the engraving on it. Go Forth. Nice, right?

I think I'll end my post here. Thanks guys for reading my outfit post. If you like what I wore, please do hype the look on Lookbook or vote +1 in Chictopia. I would really appreciate it if you did. If you have any other question, thoughts, or something you want to say... Feel free to comment down below or to send me an e-mail. I would gladly answer them all. :)

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