Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Great Deals of the Week

Hello lovely lassies and lads! Our house's internet connection is back and I am more than happy to go back to my daily routine. I am ecstatic to finally read my e-mails without interruption or the long wait. You guys don't even know how detached I felt during that almost one week of no internet connection. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy some time off the interwebs but I have to tell you, the interwebs is already part of my life. I don't think I can go on without it for a month unless of course I'm out travelling but still, no internet would suck.

I've got a lot to tell you guys but I'll refrain from doing that and maybe make another post for all of ramblings and what-not. I'm actually here to tell you guys of some of the amazing deals I saw in my e-mail. I haven't checked my e-mail and was totally blown away by the amount of emails I received within that "no internet" week I had to endure. Hahaha! So here they are... 

I'm into the whole getting fit and healthy vibe right now and this deal is something that I've always wanted. Sadly, I don't have the money to indulge and the locations of the gyms are far or too taxing for me to commute to. I've always wanted to try sports like Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu and Judo but I just don't have the opportunities right now. Hopefully, in the future I'll be able to enroll in any of those close combat sports. :)

Coloring my hair is something that I've always indulged and love, that's why I wanted to share to you guys this lovely deal. You'll soon see how my hair looks like and I hope that you guys would comment on it and maybe even share your insights on what color I should do next. Also, if you're following me on Twitter I'm guessing you already know what my hair looks like. If you've been my follower since the start of the year, I think you know what color it is. I'm just excited to share it to you guys. Soon, really soon. :)

If you guys are from Taft, you might know this wonderful spot in the University Mall. I just wanted to share this to you guys since I've been girly these past few days and I just love doing my nails. I'm still a beginner but I do love getting mani-pedi treatments. If you're studying in one of the school's in Taft, I really suggest getting one or maybe two vouchers for this deal. There's nothing wrong with getting a little pampering during or maybe after hell week right? :)

As a budding girly girl, I think I'm a little late on having a jewelry clutch. I think I never realized before how important it is to have a compact accessories holder that you can bring anywhere. I'm having a hard time organizing my stuff and I usually lose some of my accessories with the amount of clutter I have in my room. Seriously. Hahaha! So, I wanted to share this deal to you guys! I think it's a must for lassies to have a compact and mobile accessories holder for those trips and shoots. But, maybe that's just me. :)

I'll end my post here. I hope you guys liked my Great Deal of the Week post and hopefully, I helped you save a few pesos here and there. By the way, this is in no way sponsored by Groupon Philippines. I just happen to get e-mails from them a lot since I subscribed to their e-mail blasts. I'm just sharing the love you guys. Just sharing the love.
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