Friday, June 01, 2012

Bloggers United 3 Invitation

Hey you ladies and gents! I'll make this post very short and sweet. Play the video, go to the event and comment after the event!

WHO: Bloggers and Non-Bloggers
WHAT: Bloggers United Bazaar 3
WHEN: July 2, 2012; 11am to 9pm
WHERE: Grandview Events Place, Makati City

I hope you guys will go to the event! I might not be able to go since I have a lunch date with my mother and some of our friends but I will try my hardest to convince my mother to come. Hopefully, she'll allow me to come or she'll come with me. The prices of the accessories, clothes and shoes in BU3 are amazing. I guarantee that to you guys. I just hope you'll come and enjoy this wonderful event. :) 

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