Thursday, May 03, 2012

Visual Music Carnival

Hey lovelies! I found this somewhere online and I just wanted to share it with you guys. It's relatively near our place, it's easy to go to, and not to mention it's rather cheap for the line-up of bands that'll be present in the event and the amount of activities that are in the event. So, I'm inviting you guys to come to the Visual Musical Carnival!

The Visual Musical Carnival is an event for a cause. The event aims to help PWD, specifically deaf kids, that are studying in 5 of their beneficiary schools. Their goal is to provide VRS (Video Relay Services) to 5 schools that have the highest number of deaf students and residents. The schools that they have chosen this year are...

  1. Lagro High School
  2. Quezon City Hall PWD Division
  3. DFA Office PWD Division
  4. Pasay School of the Deaf (PSD)
  5. Quirino High School
According to the website, there is an estimated count of 4 million deaf Filipinos and only a very small percentage of them are able to vote or participate or even given the opportunity to voice out their views and are deprived of equal communication rights. With the help of the VRS, which is an internet powered service that helps deaf people call anywhere and any time hassle free, it'll not only empower deaf people but also help them communicate more with the community.

The Visual Music Carnival will be featuring more or less than 20 bands, whom will play for around 30mins at the main stage. The bands will start playing at 12noon and will end at 12midnight. There will also be intermissions such as cosplay role playing/fashion shows, promo games and extreme sports competition announcement of winners. There will also be a deaf and hearing visual artists section that showcases graffiti artists, dance groups and solo performances by other artists.

There's a lot of activity going on in this event and there will also be carnival rides, games, stilt walkers and acrobats that will be both on stage and roaming around the venue. Not to mention, there will also be merchandises of the bands, public trampolines and a bungee jumping area in the extreme sports area. Doesn't that sound superb?! As for the skaters out there, the event will also have a portable skate park where the skating competition will be held. Awesome, right?!

To make things more awesome, here's the line up of the band performances:

                   RADIO ACTIVE SAGO PROJECT
                   VALLEY OF CHROME
                   THE CHONKEYS
                   JURASSIC PARDS
                   4TH DRAZTIK

To buy the tickets to this event you may go to any SM Ticketing outlet or simply, click here.

Here's one of their promo videos for VMC. It doesn't have any music, no sexy girls, no catchy voice man. Just silence, a man and his hands as a mean of communication. Please watch it guys and do go to VMC 2012 so that we can help our deaf friends. Spread the word, spread the love!

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