Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summerific ROMWE Polyvore Set

Summerific Romwe

Hey lovelies! I haven't posted something like this for quite a while now. I was looking at some of my photos in Twitter and I came across this photo. I suddenly remembered that I joined a contest sponsored by ROMWE and I didn't get to show it to you guys. It was a Polyvore set making contest with a "Summer" theme. Here's the set that I've created. Sadly, the contest had already ended and I didn't win the contest. What do you think of this outfit set? Does it give that "Summer" feeling?

The concept of this set was actually inspired by the heat that the Summer season usually creates. Being in a tropical country, it's very important to look and feel fresh all day. I think the best way to feel cool and fresh is to have comfy clothes and a rocking accessory set. You don't need tons of layers of clothing. All you need are some eye-catching statement pieces like a great feather earring or a breezy asymmetrical skirt and you're all set.

If you're one of those types that love having sky-high heels or rocking kicks then the new craze of flatforms are for you. They're comfy, fashionable and very easy to walk around with. I think the flatforms are a total must have this season and it may become a staple fashion piece for some girlies out there.

If you like this Polyvore set, you can like it here. You can also follow me on Polyvore. :)

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