Friday, May 25, 2012

Foodie Log: Seoul Garden

Hey lovely lads & lass! A few days ago me and my mom went out to meet our good friend, Doy, for his birthday bash. It's a KKB (kanya-kanyang bayad) in Seoul Garden, SM North Annex. If you guys haven't been there, I really suggest that you do visit the place. They have a really great buffet for an "affordable" value. I think it's affordable since you can stay there for 4-5hours just eating. I'm not kidding. We were in Seoul Garden from 5pm to 9:30pm.

My mother and I were with Kuya JP, the guy wearing glasses, and Kuya Doy, the guy wearing black, who was the birthday celebrant. Actually, Kuya JP got there a little late since he was in Mabuhay Temple which was at the other side of Manila almost in South. He got there at around 7pm or so, and by that time we already had a lot to eat. Now, let me tell you guys about Seoul Garden and why I really recommend eating in Seoul Garden.

Seoul Garden is famous for their Yakiniku style buffet with tasty soups. My mom and I love this place and recommended it to one of our friend who had a birthday that week. What I love about Seoul Garden is the freshness and the variety of food they offer. For 680+ pesos you get to enjoy authentic Korean dishes like Bibimbap and different types of Kimchi. If you guys like Shabu-Shabu style buffets and Yakiniku styled buffets, you'll love Seoul Garden. Here are some of the food they offer:
Those are only some of the food that they offer. They have vegetable, seafood and beef bibimbap but the best bibimbap of the three is the vegetable bibimbap. I'm not kidding. As for the soup, it's actually already part of the buffet and you can choose from different raw viands to put in the soup. You can also choose the type of soup, be it spicy or non-spicy. We love their ginseng stock so, that's what we always choose but there are a lot of choices.

Recommended Dishes:

  • Coffee Chicken
  • Curried Cream Dory/Chicken/Beef
  • Okra Kimchi and Anchovy Kimchi
  • Vegetable Bibimbap
  • Make-your-own Halo-halo
  • Seasame Ice Cream
  • Flat Rice Noodle
I'll end this post here and I hope you guys would try out Seoul Garden. Tell your friends, get together and have a good time. I guarantee to you guys that you'll love the place. It's a great place for friends, family and even those company meetings but I suggest that you either reserve beforehand or come to the place early if your party is a bit big. Just to make sure since the place gets really packed during lunch and dinner time.

If you've visited the place, tell me about it.
Did you like it there or did you have a horrible time?
I'd love to know. :)

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