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Click to Hype Thrifted in Lookbook (04/19/12)
Hey there ladies and gents! I haven't done an outfit post in a while and since I did have some interesting outfit posts to make, I decided to make a not-so-daily look post! The outfit you see above is my post-party look from a party that I went to last March 31. If you're an old reader then you probably know which party I'm talking about but if you're new, it's this party. I know, this photo was taken a long time ago. Why didn't I post it earlier and what-not? Well, I've only got one answer... I'm lazy. Hahaha! No, really. It just slipped from my mind. Anyways, here's a breakdown of what I wore. :)

I bought these shoes at People are People in Robinson's Ermita with my friends Airiz and Janine. Want a random fact? That lovely heels right there is my 2nd pair of high heels, I only have two high heels and two wedges. Hahaha! I'm gonna change that fact because I'm feeling that I want more high heels in my little shoe rack. If you're wondering why that lovely pair of heels only cost me 799pesos, well... I bought it on a sale! Sales are a poor girl's best friend, as well as thrift shops.

As for my top, I bought it at a garage sale in Town and Country Village in Rizal where my aunt lived. It's a Daisy Fuentes blouse with a 4-button down detail in the front and color swatches design. I went there for my cousin's birthday and would you believe that I bought that top two to three years ago? Crazy, right? I really love the design of this top that's why even if my mom keeps on telling me that I shouldn't wear it anymore, I still do.

I just want to show you guys the hem design of the skirt that I'm wearing for this look because I know the photos don't exactly showcase the details that much. Anyway, I really love the whole artsy-fartsy design that the skirt hem has, it adds a more bohemian feel to the skirt. I think this is also the reason why I bought this skirt in the thrift store. Hahaha! :) The skirt that I'm wearing in this post is actually a long bohemian skirt but I wore it in a high-waist way making it look like a midi skirt.

I'll end this not-so-daily-look post here guys. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to see more of my not-so-daily-look posts, then click here. I promise to you guys that I'll make more outfit posts like this one, which is more comprehensive and fashion blog-ish type. If you guys have questions like where I specifically bought some of my clothes or where I usually shop, don't hesitate to ask via email or the comment box below. :)

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