Friday, April 20, 2012

Song of the Day: Touch The Sky by Franco

Touch the Sky by Franco

Good morning ladies and gents! Today's a great day and I'm excited to start my day right and get things done. I think the best thing to do to start your day right is to have a good breakfast and a good song to listen to, just to get your blood rushing. I thought that my day would be dull and much like my other days but I guess I was wrong. Thanks to one of my friends and major mates, Ian, who posted a song in his Facebook feed, my day's gonna be great.

Nestle Fitnesse Cereal & Cowhead Pure Milk for breakfast
I hope you guys listen to the song and have a great day! Eat a hearty but healthy breakfast and don't forget to exercise even for a little. I'm off to have my usual breakfast (which is the photo above) and prepare for a busy day ahead. I'll be going to school today to process some of my papers for my summer class in Alliance fran├žaise de Manille and also pay for my tuition fee in Alliance. I hope everything goes as planned. Have a great day ahead of you guys! :)

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