Friday, April 06, 2012

Love is Good

I saw this lovely post on my Facebook news feed that a friend of mine shared and after I read it, I was really touched. If you guys didn't know, I am a firm advocate of gender equality and anti-discrimination. I think that people, no matter what their sex orientation is or their skin color, deserves equal treatment and rights. No person is above another when it comes to the opportunities that we have. The only thing that matters is the skill, creativity and determination that a person has to make his/her dreams come true. It's all about the person's ability, attitude and passion that matters not the gender.

I wanted to share this to you guys because I know there are a lot of people out there that has so much prejudice towards the LGBT community and I want you those people to see the other side. Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transvestites are people too and they are not an anomaly of nature or God. They are still beautiful creatures that give a little more sparkle and color to our grey world. Being a person that's more open with the concept of gender and sexuality, I don't usually have any prejudice on people but I do tend to have prejudice on narrow-minded people that cannot take criticisms and change.

We are now in a world where gender doesn't matter. This is no longer the 30s or the 50s where gender and sexuality is under a strict rule. We are now in the modern age--the age of empowerment, equality and freedom. We must learn to accept that sometimes a man and a woman is not the only equation for love. Sometimes we have to mix it up and have a variety of equations for love. If you're a man, woman, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or a transvestite it doesn't matter. You have the right to love anyone just as long as you think they are good to you.

Love is not objective. It is not something which you can label and say that only these things are considered as a form of love. Love will always be subjective and personal. One cannot say that a man cannot love another man for we don't even know how they are together. We don't know the connection that only their hearts can feel. In the case of love, we are only outsiders to a couple. We can never understand what he had seen in him or what she had seen in her but we must have faith. We must have faith that whatever they are feeling is something that is good, for no man wants something that is bad for him. If somehow their relationship ends, we must remember that they started out with pure and good intentions.

Anyway, sorry about that blabbering. I was just inspired by this and I couldn't help myself from typing. :)

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