Sunday, April 01, 2012

Life Update

Hello ladies and gents! Let me just make a little update to you guys. I have been out yesterday with some of my friends and we went to a party. It was fun, totally fun. I haven't been updating much since I was a bit busy with school and I also had to do some of my thesis and papers. I think I won't be that active in the next few days since it'll be the start of our finals week. I just hope you guys will still support me even though I'm in a semi-hiatus. Hahaha! Oh. I also received great news in my email the other day. I've been contacted by a magazine, Tinsel Tokyo, and asked if I could become a contributor. This made me ecstatic. I'm now thinking of something that I could do to contribute to their mag. Anyway, that is that. I just wanted to give you guys an update. :)

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