Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fringe: Science, Classifieds, and Mind Fucks

Fringe is my new little addiction. It's a science fiction show that revolves around an FBI agent, Olivia Dunham, and the father-son tandem Walter and Peter Bishop as they solve paranormal crimes happening in our world. They are under an FBI division called, Fringe Division. It has been airing since 2008 but I have only recently watched the series as a diligent fan. I'm now in the process of finishing season 4 of Fringe and the plot of the story is really getting interesting. It's still airing though and I'm a tad bit scared that this season might be the end but I do hope that I'll have another season.

I think one of the reasons that I like about this series is it's ability to give answers to very peculiar questions. Questions that go beyond the possibility of time, space and of all things known to man. Brilliant, isn't it? It makes you think about the possibilities of an alternate universe, a universe where you have a different life and a universe where things are not what they seem. I just love it.

I guess, you could also say that I am drawn by the relationships in this series. It's complex because of the twists and turns that the character's have had especially Agent Dunham who had been kidnapped and replaced for some time. I won't spoil you on some of the things that happened but, I will assure you that this is not your usual love story of a boy meets girls. Imagine having a love story revolve around a girl with mind blowing mental power and a boy that seemingly seized to exist. Lovely isn't it? Just lovely.

Anyway, I'll be ending this blog post here since I think that the streaming that I'm waiting to load is almost half done. I think I can watch Fringe now. Bye for now guys! Thanks for reading this little blabbering of mine. If you're interested in watching Fringe and want a copy of it, I'd gladly give you a link to the direct download I'll be making for it. Just comment below. :)

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  1. Yes, I am strongly agreed with you, please keep writing like this.


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