Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Farewell Graduates

Yesterday was the last day for most people in DLSU. It'll be the last regular day they'll be calling themselves an undergraduate student of the International Studies major in DLSU. After yesterday, they'll be part of the real world. They're going to graduate, leave the institution that made them better and live their lives separately. Just thinking of those things makes my eyes water. I don't want to see them go yet but I know it needs to happen. I guess I'll just miss the people that I've been with and the friends that I made this year and the past years. It's hard not to be melancholic when you know that by the next term, you won't see those friendly faces anymore and when you text them, they're either busy with work or somewhere far away travelling. There are so many possibilities for them once they step out of DLSU that it makes me a bit scared that they might forget. Meh.

Actually, what inspired this post was an activity that we had for my class EUROCINE or European Cinema. Our professor, Sir. AJ Untalan, made our last meeting a memorable one. He clearly thought about the activity that he made us do for a very long time and it was really heart warming. He even made a video montage for his students. I think that was his way of saying goodbye to the graduates and I think what made it more special was that we were part of his first year as a teacher. We were his kids, friends, and buddies. You could say that we really had great memories with him. It's nice. That's our class by the way having a group picture with Sir AJ. He's the one wearing a white polo shirt.

Let me tell you guys about the activity Sir AJ made us do. He gave us a whole sheet of bond paper with phrases in different languages from French to German to Estonian. He then instructed us to cut the papers into strips and write our nicknames at the back of them. After we did what he asked of us, he then showed a powerpoint presentation of the words in the paper and what they actually meant. He said that sometimes we forget to say things to our friends and batchmates because we are all busy studying or we just take things for granted. He said that this was the chance to actually say to them through the strips of paper in our hands what we normally can't say. We had to give the strip of paper to the person that we think deserves it.
My friend Kath fixing her pieces of paper
These were some of the words that Sir AJ gave us and it really varied from "I'm sorry" to "I love you" to "You are my best friend". It actually made some people cry. When you think about it, we really don't get to say things like that on a normal basis. I can't say to someone that I admire him/her or that s/he inspires me. It's not that simple to say words that are too intimate in a normal setting and I wanna thank Sir AJ for doing that in class. I have to admit, even I was teary eyed at the end of the class, especially when he played the video montage that he did for us. It was really something special, something you'll look back to when you're old and reminiscing.

It was definitely an unforgettable class. It's something that you will keep in your heart and cherish it. I really have to thank Sir AJ for that. I guess when everything's done and the time where I'll be graduating too, I'll do what Sir AJ had said. I'm going to give those who have brought me down and gave me hell a very big eff you. 

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