Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anniversary Giveaway Update!

Hey there ladies and gents! I am now fixing my giveaway blog posts and I'm really hoping that the package from one of my sponsors will arrive today. The delivery man was actually here yesterday already but I think he got the packages mixed up and things like that. Sad really. But not to worry, I'm pretty sure that it'll be here soon.

I do hope that a lot of people will join the giveaway. I'm excited to give away accessories from Le Plume Accessories and gift certificates from Tribute Shoes. I really want everyone to win, if only. Hahaha! Good luck guys! Tell me if you guys have some suggestions on how the giveaways should be handled. Do you want me to make a video of myself drawing the numbers and what-not? Just to make sure the validity of the giveaway or are you guys okay with just pictures of the winning number? Tell me through the comment box below or through my e-mail. :)

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