Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashion Inspiration: Aztec Prints

Hello lovely ladies and gents! I have been seeing Aztec prints in a lot of international fashion websites and I thought, hey! why not make an Aztec inspired post? So, I searched through some of the international online shops that I regularly check out and typed in Aztec print. Below are some of my favorite outfits that I want to share with you guys. I'm sure most of you also want to know some of the choices you have when it comes to being up-to-date in the ever changing fashion trends of our generation. I won't blabber anymore, here are the outfits that I absolutely love!
Polo Ralph Lauren Half Zip Navajo Waffle Hoody 
Surface To Air Track Shorts Aztec Print 
Free People Cropped Fairisle Jumper 
For more images of my fashion inspiration, Aztec prints, then click the read more!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doctor Who Season 7 Teaser

If you guys don't know it yet, I am a huge fan of Doctor Who. Ever since my friend, Michelle, introduced me to the show last year. I've downloaded all of the episodes for all the season except the 1960s ones since they're a bit hard to find and I'm on my thesis days. Anyway, I'm thrilled to tell you guys that the new season's teaser is here! I can't even tell you guys how excited I am for the new season. However, there are some things that will make me sad this season. One of which is the farewell of two lovable character, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. I will surely miss Karen Gillan. I won't make this long. I'm just really excited and I wanted to share it with you guys. I can't wait for fall! :)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


With eyes dull and no spark, I am no longer part of this reality.
My body numb, detached and cold - no longer functioning
Why? Why do I feel this way? Why do I no longer feel complete.
Save me and pull me from this mindless zombie state.

I have a life, I need a life, I am in my life.
Everything is a blur and nothing is retained.
Friends, family, loved ones... I don't care anymore.
I want to feel something, anything even a little.

The world revolves around me but I stay still.
I am in a state of stasis, immobile and constant
Yet, I can still feel the change within me
But I cannot say if it's a good change or not.

Scared. I am scared of my future and my present life.
I am afraid of this change within me.
I might recluse and hate the world but I feel nothing.
I just want to end everything and be detached from the world.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Plaid and Tattered Nylons

Hey ladies and gents! It's not like me to post about my outfit posts but I got inspired last night because of this one person that said I lacked confidence and yeah, you know the other things. So, I decided to make an outfit post today that is something more daring than my other looks. It's not out there but it's something that I don't usually do. I do hope you like it guys and do hype! :)
Here are some of the other photos that I took because I got a little vain and, yes. I couldn't stop taking pictures of myself. Hahaha! It's a little curse of mine. Once I get excited with taking photos and getting my pictures taken, I just can't seem to stop. So, forgive me or you can just not click the read more button. Hahaha!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Hello lovely ladies and gents! Last night, I had the opportunity of watching Hunger Games because of my class in European Cinema. I was really thrilled about this since I was kind of expecting the movie. I'm not a die-hard fan of the book or the movie but I really have to say that the movie gave justice to the book. It was not like some story Twilight  that turned into a movie which sucked hard but I wouldn't compare it to Harry Potter as well because they're in totally different genres and talked about different things.

I won't make this long since I'm not an expert and I don't really watch that much movies as much as Gab of Gab Rages that watch movies like a freak but I do enjoy watching them and I am very particular with the way a movie is done, cinematography wise. But, I won't claim that I'm an expert in these stuffs since I'm not taking a mass media or a photography/cinematography course. Again, I'm just an enthusiast. Anyway, here are some of the things that I liked about the movie.

Character Justice - I really have to say that the actors that portrayed Katniss, Peeta and Cinna were wonderful! Josh Hutcherson really got my attention. He was marvelous! One scene that I will never forget was the scene when Peeta and Katniss had just finished talking to their loved ones and even though the camera was focused on Katniss, what I noticed was not Katniss but Peeta. Peeta emotional and in the verge of crying but still kept it in was really touching. I couldn't take my eyes off of him! I could feel the pain, the fear of what lies ahead and the thought of killing another person to survive! It was just so unnerving! I think I understand now why Gab likes Josh Hutcherson a lot. He's a great actor. Of course, we all know how wonderful Jennifer Lawrence is as an actress and I won't comment on that point too much but another surprising act was Cinna, the stylist of Katniss, which was played by Lenny Kravitz. It was surprising to me because he played his role well.

Book Justice - As I said earlier, the movie really gave justice to the book, story wise. The director maintained the story and the underlying meanings that the book had into the movie. What I really liked about it was that it gave justice to the feeling of survival and the adrenaline rush that I had experienced when I read the book. It had the right amount of cheesy lines, quirky camera point of views and of course, the pain and thrill that is survival. I also liked how the director had made it a point to show how the tributes had died just like how Suzanne Collins had wrote it in the book. It was just marvelous. I was really happy with how everything turned out. I just hope that the next movies would still give justice to the book and not just focus on the love and all that shallow stuff.

Cinematography - At first I wasn't that much of a fan of the cinematography but as the movie went on I saw that it was actually fitting to get the feel of the movie. It was as if the audience was with Katniss running away from those that were hunting her. It made the audience connect and I think that's a really good move. I also liked how they would focus on Gale's reaction when it came to scenes that involved Katniss and Peeta being sweet together or showing affection. It was funny. It actually made you feel the love triangle and not just the usual star-crossed lovers type of story, which Hunger Games is actually. I also liked how well the effects were done in the movie. I wasn't expecting much because I might get disappointed but the effects, specially with the monster like dogs were just wonderful. Not to mention the brilliancy of The Capitol's infrastructure and the advancement of its technologies. It made me want the future to come quickly and for me to have those 3-dimensional gadgets. Hahaha!

Costume and Design - Ah! The costumes! My god, the costumes! I cannot say how much I am impressed with the costumes of the citizens of The Capitol. I didn't expect that they would actually do such a good job with the Avant Garde clothing and the make up was also really good. The golden eye-liners, the purple lipsticks with pink hairs and popping pastel colors of the actors. It was just such an eye candy! Literally like seeing walking candies because of their characters! I mean, a host with blue hair? How cute is that! I'm just really impressed. It actually made me think how some Japanese movies that came from mangas who had such wild hairstyles and then when it came to the live action it wasn't what I expected. So, for costume and make up designs I would say that Hunger Games really did well.

I think that's it for me now. I'll end this post here and I hope that you'd like my little review about the Hunger Games. I recommend it to you guys, it's a really good movie. Now, I'll leave you with this picture and I hope that the odds be ever in your favor!

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Lissa Kahayon x Tribute Shoes

Hey there lovely ladies and gents! I've recently joined a contest by Lissa Kahayon, a well-known fashion blogger in the Philippines, and I need your help! It would mean so much to me if you guys liked my comment on the album. It's really easy! All you guys have to do is like the comment! The most number of likes wins 3000pesos worth of gift certificates from Tribute shoes. I'm down by a few likes so, all the likes you can give me really counts! I'm counting on you guys. I really am. Please help me with this one guys. Yes? Thanks! :)

Here is the link to the comment:

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LIKE Operation: Fix Life on Facebook!

Hey there lovely ladies & gents! I just wanted to tell you guys that I've made a Facebook fan page for this blog. If you haven't read it yet, I'll be having a giveaway next month for my blog's anniversary. I decided that a Facebook fan page was needed for the giveaway next month so, I made one! I do hope that you guys will support me by liking this page. :)

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Planning, Contacting and Sponsoring

Hello there lovely ladies and gents! I have been quite mentally busy these past few days thinking of ways on how to get sponsors for my blog's first year anniversary giveaway and my own birthday giveaway. I've tried contacting a few online shops and I finally got one of them to reply. I've got great news to my Philippine followers! I've gotten a sponsorship with a great accessories online shop! I won't tell you guys who they are yet, so you have to wait for it and join my giveaway on April and July.

I just wanted to update and share that wonderful news to you guys. I'm still in the process of contacting international online shops or businesses for my international readers but if things don't work out, I'll make it a point to have a giveaway for my international readers even if it's under my own expense. That's how much I love you guys! :)

Leave me a little loving and I'll give you a lot of loving. ♥
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dress Wishlist: Bodycons, Laces, Prints and a bit of Color Blocking

Hello there dears! I've been looking in one of my favorite online shop and I've come across some awesome finds for those fashionable and positive credited ladies and gents out there. I thought I'd share it to you guys since I'm broke and maybe you guys aren't broke. Hahaha! I'll stop rambling and get on with the showing.

Paprika Dip Dye Lace Print Prom Dress - $32.23 
Rare Long Sleeve Lace Belted Dress - $40.29
Vero Moda Colourblock Tunic - $32.23
To see more dresses that I've seen, you can click read more!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thesis at Hollys

Break time for me and my thesis mates. I won't even lie, we are burnt out. We're here in Hollys Coffee at One Archer's Place trying to finish some parts of our thesis so that we could have our thesis proposal defense by April. We're trying to make the best of our break time so, I'm blogging right now while Janine was sleeping and Gab's tweeting... I think. Hahaha! We are making funny faces and what-not. We just want to get this over with. Seriously.

OH. GOD. WHY. Can I just say that to my face? I look like... Hahaha! Just epic. I'm just gonna leave this here and let you guys stare at my weird as face. Hahaha! Janine was still asleep at that time but she's not asleep anymore since the noisy bitches at the next table are just too noisy. Hahaha! I'll stop blabbering. I'm off for now! :)

Leave me a little loving and I'll give you a lot of loving. ♥

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Free Macarons on Bizu Tomorrow, March 20! #MacaronDayManila2012

photo courtesy of Google
Check out what I found on the internetz guys! Free macarons tomorrow on Bizu! How awesome is that? I won't blabber much since I'm just showing this to you guys. I love macarons and I know most of you guys do too. If you haven't tried it out yet, then I suggest you do go to the places where there's free macarons. You must try it! I repeat, YOU MUST!

Leave me a little loving and I'll give you a lot of loving. ♥

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Song of the Day: Asleep by The Smiths

I've been listening to this song for a couple of days now and I know it's an old song for some people, I know that it's not something new but I've just heard of it from a book that I've been reading. If you guys haven't read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I really suggest that you do. It has affected me greatly and I can't even remember how many times I've cried reading it. The song above was actually mentioned in the book and that's the reason why I listened to it and instantly fell in love with it.

One of the lines that I love about this song is this one:

There is another world 
There is a better world
Well, there must be...

I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I relate to this song right now. I'm in a crossroad right now and I feel like I want to escape from it all but I won't. This song just makes me feel so... ineffable. I am just baffled and overwhelmed. I didn't even know song like this could ever exist. Hahaha! It's just too spot-on and unnerving! Anyways, I'll just leave this here and I hope you guys liked this song. :)

Leave me a little loving and I'll give you a lot of loving. ♥

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Taking Your Make-Up Off

Hey lovely ladies and gents reading this blog! I decided that I'll be showing you guys how I take off my make-up after the day is done. I'm no expert but I think that the way I do it is really effective and not that invasive to my skin. Please don't go on bashing me because the way I take off my make up is wrong but I do want to hear some comments on how to properly take off your make-up under a very low student budget. Anyways, let me start my little tutorial of sorts shall we?

What you need is a good wet wipes or wet tissue of your choice. Be it from Watsons like what I'm using, Bench's line of wet tissues and facial care or those high-end wet tissues/make-up remover tissues. It doesn't really matter anyway. What matters is that it's safe to use on your face, it can take off your make-up and that you got it from a reliable source.

Next thing you need to do is take one wet tissue and fold it in half. The purpose of this is to make the tissue thicker and prevent it from stretching or deforming. Also, it's easier to wipe your face when you have a smaller tissue in your hand. I also found out that when you fold the used side, you'll have a new and fresh side covering it. You can do this 'till your wet tissue is as small as you're comfortable using.

What I usually do is that, I start on my eyes section. I make it a point to always have the make-up on my eyes section to be completely off. I don't want my eyes to get irritated as well as having those early stages of wrinkles. What I do is, I rub gently the wet wipes on my eyes and making sure that I get to wipe off the mascara and the eye liner off. I tend to do this on one whole wet wipes or if I'm satisfied there's no more make-up on my eyes.

After the eyes section, you of course need to remove the remaining make-up on your whole face. What I do is that I start from the middle of my face which is my nose and from there I work it out. My usual routine is: EYES, NOSE, CHEEKS, FOREHEAD, CHIN, NECK.

You also need to wipe your neck and under your chin. I always do this because I put make-up, specifically foundation, on my neck. I do that because I want my face color to match up with my neck color. I don't want to look stupid for having my face color different from my neck color. That just seems to be too dumb for me. Hahaha! Mean, I know. But, it is true!

Next thing that I would do is to make sure that I clean the back of my ears as well. Since I put on make-up even on that part of my face, for full coverage, it is a must to keep your face clean at all times. It was said that if you make sure that your face is clean from dirt and make-up, you won't get pimples that much. So, I really try to clean my face thoroughly without doing it too aggressively that could lead to my skin's irritation.

And, that's it! After I've wiped my make-up off my face I tend to wash my face after to make sure that there are no more make-up molecules left on my skin. Also, I tend to do this first before I wash my face because I found out that it's more effective in terms of taking your make up off this way than washing your face instantly without wiping the make-up off. I also found out that eye liners and mascaras tend to stick on clothes and stain so, it's better to wipe it off your face first before washing it and end up not only soaking your clothes but also staining them with eye liners or mascara drippings.

That's it for me for now. Sorry I haven't been updating much, I was really busy with some things these past few days. I was also in a no electricity, no civilization place hence my unavailability. I'll post more on the following days and I hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial of mine. Hahaha! Adieu for now!

Leave me a little loving and I'll give you a lot of loving. ♥

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Friday, March 16, 2012


Hey there loves!

Guess what I've just received on my e-mail today? A lovely lady named Megha Varshini of Stilettos Diary, have just invited me to join her blog's big giveaway and I thought that you guys need to be informed too. I decided to put this here because I know you guys love fashion and well, as you can see, this dress is just simply amazing. It's a mix of sweet, daring and even a hint of mystery. I know you guys would just love it!

If you're interested on joining and get a chance to win this fabulous dress, just go to this address:

You guys have 2 weeks to join the giveaway! Don't fret, you'll get an entry for every thing that you do and you can do it everyday to increase your chances of winning. So, what are you waiting for? Join Megha's giveaway now and get a chance to win this lovely Cobri Dress from Adolfo Sanchez Design! It's open to all readers! Winners will be announced on April 1, 2012!

Leave me a little loving and I'll give you a lot of loving. ♥

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Schick, & Nuffnang

What is your ideal Nuffnang summer?

My ideal Nuffnang summer is pretty simple. I just want a nice relaxing bonding time with my friends under the scorching sun in the most lovely tourist spots in the Philippines. I am actually planning a little summer getaway with my friends this April and I am excited! I can't wait to go to the beach, do some sun bathing and just laugh my way through the day with my best buds. To let you guys know how excited I am, I'll even show you the list that I've made of the things that I is a must for me when going on summer getaway. Imagine, I'm already making lists for something that's not even sure yet. Hahaha! 

  1. Sunscreen Lotion. Good thing that Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion is there to protect my skin because you can never be too sure with the UV rays and all that harmful things in the atmosphere. As their tagline says, We’ve got you covered
  2. Razors. I can't stress enough how important this thing is. Imagine going to the beach and you remembered that you haven't waxed. What a catastrophe! Good thing there's Schick to free your skin from those unwanted hair. Right? So, razors are a must!
  3. Friends. I know this is already given but I really have to stress it to you guys how important your companions are when you're going on a trip. It could definitely make or break your trip. Good thing I have a wonderful set of friends that is just game for anything!
I'll end this post here but I do want to tell you guys more about this upcoming trip that me and my friends are planning for summer. It's after our finals week and before our summer term so it's perfect. I just hope it pushes through or that my parents would allow me to go. I also want to say thank you to Nuffnang Philippines for inspiring this post and for (hopefully) the tickets I'm going to get. Hahaha! I'll leave now, got a class to go to.

special thanks to these guys!

Leave me a little loving and I'll give you a lot of loving. ♥

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Pescetarian Living: Week 2

Parents hanging out in our gazebo
Another week is done and I'm still meat free. I know it's not that much of a feat but I am very proud of myself. I've had a few obstacles this week and I wasn't sure whether or not I would survive it. I was with my parents in our place in Laguna and I was actually scared that I might break my diet here. I almost did actually when at one time, I didn't have anything to eat since all our viands are meat, specifically beef. I wasn't even sure that I would survive that one since I was really hungry and we were in Burger King. Good thing thought that Burger King has a fish burger that is surprisingly tasty. Not the healthiest meal, but it was good. So, I have no complaints.

With that being said, I think what I really learned from this week is that it's not always easy to make choices specially when it comes to food. You really have to be committed when it comes to the choices you've made and never give in to temptations, even if that temptation is a Whooper from Burger King. I also learned the importance of letting the people around you know of your choices. I mean, literally tell them 'cos they won't know unless you say it verbally. Right? I really have to thank my mom for helping me get past this week. If it weren't for her, I would've made my first diet binge and I would surely regret it. Thank God I told my mom and she made it possible for me to eat fish, veggies and what-not.

I'll make this post short because I have a class in a few minutes and I'm a little bit of a scattered brain right now. The photo on the right is the fish burger that I was talking about. It's the right size to fill those hungry tummies and it's (partly) healthy too. Hahaha! Anyways, I do hope that you guys are doing marvelous this day and the week before. It's a Monday here in the Philippines and I'm going to greet you guys a wonderful week ahead! Leave me a little loving and I'll give you a lot of loving. Okay? ♥

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Irene's Post-Birthday Lunch Date

Last Friday, March 9, my block mate and friend Irene had a post-birthday celebration in Yellowcab. It was a sort of get together as well for me and my block mate friends. We haven't been together in such a long time, I mean really get together and just get updated on what has happened in our lives. Irene is the one wearing black at the back. No, not the one that has a piece sign. The other one... No, not the one with the glasses. If you haven't noticed, that's me. Hahaha! Yes, the one with the big smile is Irene. Hahaha! I'm only kidding with you about the whole blah that's before this sentence. Haha!

A little something about Irene, she is actually my block mate in DLSU-M but she transferred to DLS-CSB after some complications. She's now taking Architecture in CSB and I am very proud of her. The lovely ladies that's beside her, or to be more precise the one's on her row, are her CSB friends. They're lovely ladies and I'm very sorry, if you are by chance reading my blog, I forgot your names. I know I asked it like 2 times already. I just suck at memorizing things, specially names. I had a great time with you guys though. :) As for the ladies on my side, those are my block mates.

I'm the one wearing polka dots and the glasses. I'll name the girls that are sitting down first. The one that is beside me is Airiz, she's the small but terrible type of person and I love her to bits. Beside her is my forever kaladkarin friend, Tehsa. I call her the forever kaladkarin friend because she's always present in things like this and events. The lovely ladies that are standing up beside me are Mads and Kat. They're our resident Chinese friends. I kid, I'm sorry. I got a bit racist there. Sorry. Mads is my very intelligent friend, specially in Math subjects, and she's taking up Chemical Engineering. Kat on the other hand is my silent and sweet block mate. I love how she always has food. Hahaha!

As you guys can see, we have some derpy photos. Hahaha! I just love Airiz's face on this one. It's like... I just can't explain! Hahaha! You have to really admit, this photo is funny. I remember showing it to them after and well, they're reactions were pretty much the same. Hahaha! Tehsa's reaction is actually quite spot-on. Hahaha! These were good times. Truly, good times.

A more decent photo of them. Airiz actually hates it when I use the camera's flash because I tend to blind her afterwards or she ends up having her eyes closed in the pictures. It's really funny but I won't talk about it much since I know she'll get mad at me when she reads it. And, I know you read this Airiz 'cos you love me. Hahaha! If you don't know it yet, my friends and I love to eat. We absolutely savor good food, specially when it's free. Also, we really love to have fun even in the most simplest ways. I also don't know if it's just me or something but I do find my group of friends quite interesting and fun. They're not too serious and not too wild. They're just right and I like that about them. It makes a good mix.

Gomer's caught in the act. Hahaha! I can see that he's loving the hot sauce with his meat lover pizza in Yellowcab. Oh, speaking of the food. As my ever so lovely faithful readers know, I am a pescetarian and this means that I no longer eat meat. I was actually a bit scared that I might break my diet because it's Yellowcab that we're eating to and the pizzas there are divine. I really thought that I would give in but low and behold, Irene ordered a pizza with no meat in it! She actually ordered 2 pizzas, meat lovers and seafood pizza. I'm very thankful for that, really. Thank God it's a Friday and Catholics have this thing for no meat on Fridays during the Lenten season. That saved my ass big time.

I'm sorry if I didn't have decent photos or even the photo of the food that I ate at that time but you know what, I don't regret it. I'd rather have shitty photos but great memories than great photos but no memories at all. I think I'll leave this post at this. Thanks for reading guys.

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