Sunday, February 12, 2012

Song of the Day: Collide by Howie Day


That's one of my favorite lines in the song by Howie Day, Collide. I remember listening to this song when I was younger and up till now, I still listen to this song and love it. It's one of those songs that you'll never get tired of listening and it doesn't go out of time since the message it conveys is relevant up to the present. It's not a novelty song that people get bored of after a few times. It's not the very underground songs out there that's just impossible to understand or even say. It's the right amount of everything. The melody, the rhythm, the lyrics is just right for your ears.

Whenever I hear this song I get hope and faith. You might ask me why, and I'll tell you that it's because of that line I said on the top of this post. The line: Even the best fall down sometimes... makes me think about my life and realize that what I'm going through is something that will pass. It's not the end of the road when you hit rock bottom. It's just a cycle. Every thing will be fine and every one has hit rock bottom. No one can avoid rock bottom but it's only a few people that will push themselves of the ground, stand tall and climb the top.

When I'm listening to this song, it makes me want to work harder and be better. It also makes me think about love, since it is a song about love, but a difficult kind of love. A love that draws two different types of people and collides them, making one entity. I guess it's the romantic in me that gives meaning in everything but I really love this song's message. Anyway, I hope you guys like my song of the day. Happy listening! Enjoy!

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  2. This is my brothers favorite song, It reminds me of him. Great song.


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