Monday, February 27, 2012

Pescetarian Living: Day 1

Today, I started my journey as a Pescetarian. I decided that I'll be eating only vegetables, fruits, grains, and seafood. I won't be eating chicken or any sort of poultry, pork, and beef or any type of red meat. I know this will be very hard for me since I love eating beef and my parents are not Pescetarian. I have to discipline myself into eating the things that I am allowed to eat. If you guys don't know, I decided to live a healthy life because of the way of living that I want to take. I decided to become a Buddhist and although the ideology does not restrict me from eating meat, I chose to be a Pescetarian.

Actually, my goal is to become a Vegetarian in the future but sadly, I cannot not eat any form of meat. I actually researched on a type of Vegetarianism that eats seafood and I ended up learning about Pescetarianism. I am actually very proud of myself today because I involuntarily made food choices that did not involve eating meat.

This morning, I actually refrained from eating the chicken that was part of my breakfast and only ate the noodles and veggies that accompanied it. For lunch, I ate ramen with cheese from our trusty Korean kiosk in the cafeteria. Although it is against vegetarianism to eat cheese, pescetarianism isn't like that. It isn't that strict when it comes to dairy produce and the like which I am very thankful since I love cheesecake and milk. I cannot have enough of cheesecake and also my milk. As for my dinner, I had two. I ate at school as well as here at home.

At school, I ate tokwa or fried tofu in English with half a serving of rice. I was actually thinking that this was the last meal I'll have for today but then when I arrived here at home, I was enticed by our food. It's galunggong and talbos ng kamote. I don't know what's their English counterpart but I can describe them to you. Galunggong looks like a big guppy of some sort. While talbos ng kamote in English is sweet potato stalk or something like that. I'm really not sure. Hahaha! Forgive me. All I know is that it's really good specially when you partner the talbos ng kamote with some vinegar, tomatoes, and onions.

So there, that's my first day as a Pescetarian. I'm very proud of my unconscious effort to eat not a single piece of meat today. I just hope that I can continue eating and living healthily from now on. If you guys have some tips on living healthy or some tips on how I can keep up with my Pescetarian diet, please don't hesitate on commenting below. Every comment counts and I really want to pursue this. :)

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  1. Well, actually vegetarians still consume cheese and other dairy products. It's the vegans who don't. Plus, fish is also considered "meat" but the healthier kind, if one may say. :)


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