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The 3rd term is officially starting in De La Salle University-Manila and I think I'm ready for it. I've already prepared my bag and arranged the things that I need to bring for the first day of school. I'm a bit apprehensive with my classes since this'll be my last chance to redeem myself. I need to get a grade of at least 2.5/4.0 in 3 of my classes and I hope that I can do it. I need to keep myself busy and get things done. Not to mention the fact that we are going to finish our thesis' first part this term as well. I really need to work double time so, I'm gonna say this now. I might not update as often as I usually update but I will try my best to do at least one post a week.

So, what is in my bag anyway? I have fewer things inside my bag now because it is the start of the term but I am expecting a lot of readings by next weeks or so. Right now, I'm content in having 3 of my most important things in my bag.

Although you can't see my planner, I made it that way because I will show it in a post later on this week or maybe today. I love the design of my planner and I can't wait to fill it up with deadlines and all that jazz as the year progresses. The book I'm reading as of the moment is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It's an informative book and I highly recommend that you guys read it. I think I'll also make a review on it, I think. And lastly, my journal/sketchbook where I put all of my thoughts in it just to pass time and to pass certain feelings. I've always found it soothing to have my feelings written in a peiece of paper and it makes me feel as if I'm letting the world know what I'm thinking and yet it's still safe within my grasp.

Next thing in my bag is some of my basic make-up necessities to make me look like a person and not a bruha as my aunt might say it. Hahaha! It's really basic and incomplete but it is something that I can't live without.

Bobby pins are a girl's bestfriend and elastic bands too. They're small, easy to use and with a lot of it you can make your hair like those of a goddess! Lipstick, of any color, is also something that I always keep on my bag. I like wearing red or reddish colored lipstick because it gives a dash of color to my face but it doesn't give me that fake look. It makes me look fresh and well, I just like it. No offence to those who like putting make up on their faces, I have nothing against you guys. I actually like putting make-up on but when it comes to regular days, I keep it down by just wearing lipstick. Another thing that I often use is clay doh, it looks like wax but it doesn't make your hair look unreal or sticky. It looks natural and you won't even notice that it's there but it keeps your hair, specially your bangs, in good condition.

Of course, any student needs their own set of pens and an alcohol. I don't know about you guys buy I use my alcohol a lot. It's something of a necessity now specially in a world that is no longer clean and natural. I don't want to get sick so I keep things clean, I think. Then there's my coin purse and my wallet. I use a coin purse in addition to my wallet because I don't want to pull my wallet every time I'm going to pay the fare when I'm commuting. It's a hard world out there and you need to be smart. I suggest you guys use a coin purse so that when someone snatches it, you still have money with you. Always have money kept in different places. It could be a life saver.

Bag, Stacks of things, Umbrella, Wallet, Coin Purse, Pens, Alcohol

So that's what's inside my bag. Oh, and you should also know that I always have an umbrella in my bag! You have to be practical! It's a must for commuting students! I repeat, it is a must! I will have to end this post here because I need to sleep. My mom and I will go to school tomorrow. I have class and I have to enroll as well and it'll be a busy day. So, goodbye for now dearest. I hope you liked my first "What's in my bag?" post. :)

PS. I would like to say thank you to my friend and constant critique, Airiz Parilla,
for telling me my grammatical errors in this post. Edited on January 5, 2012

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