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Travelling Foodie: From Maginhawa Street to Katipunan Ave.

Hello lovely readers!

I have been very busy the past few days because I was out with some of me and my mother's friends. Yes, we do have friends together. And as some of you might know, I am also busy with my school life hence the lack of more personal post. But I'm free today so I'll be blogging about my Maginhawa St to Katipunan Ave. food trip with me and my mom's friends. If you guys don't know where Maginhawa St is, it is located in UP Teachers Village, Quezon City. It is famous for its delicious food places and an ambiance that only the UP grounds can give. It's a good place to do a food trip and so, we went there with out friends. :)

The first place we went to was Pino Resto Bar which offers a wide array of viands and other gourmet foods. It's affordable but not cheap however their serving size is quite big so it's a good place to go out with friends. You can just share each others food and enjoy the company. One of the things that I like about Pino is the ambiance and coziness of the place. Also, I love their bagnette. I recommend the Kalderetang Bagnette with Bagoong Rice. It's a sure heart stopper, quite literally at that actually. Hahaha!
Longganisa Nachos
[Left to Right] JP, Karl, Mom and Me
Pino is located on Malingap St. corner Maginhawa St.

Black soba something... I forgot. All I know is it's delicious! Love the mango twist in the dressing. :)

Kalderetang Bagnette with Bagoong Rice ♥

Binagoongang Bagnette ♥

My mom and I posing on Pino's cute wall.
The next place we went to is Pipino Bakery which is just at the 2nd floor of Pino Resto. It caters to those foodies out there that has diabetes or is a vegan. It serves sweets, desserts, and full meals that are reasonable and healthy. 100% of their muffins, cupcakes and other sweets are sugarfree and they are safe for those who are lactose intolerant. I highly suggest ordering their Lemongrass cupcake, Green Tea cupcake and their Coconut cupcake. They are absolutely delish! ♥

Pipino's rack of sweet indulgences. ♥

I tried out their cookies and cream ice cream and it was HEAVEN. Also, try out their banana sherbet its something different. It's as if you're eating a banana cake but it's an ice cream. Hahaha! :)

[Left to Right] Blueberry Cupcake, Choco-Banana Cupcake, Choco-Oatmeal Cookies and Coconut Cupcake

Green Tea Cupcake
[Left to Right] Marie, Karls, Mom, Me, JP and Doy

Next stop was at Van Gogh is Bipolar. Although we didn't get to eat there because it was still closed and the day we went there needed to have reservations, it was still fun seeing the creative space and the ambiance that the restaurant has. I'm excited to go back to Maginhawa St. and try out Van Gogh is Bipolar. I do hope that day comes as soon as possible. Hahaha!

Van Gogh is Bipolar's cute and artistic space ♥

Doy, Karl and my mom posing in front of Van Gogh is Bipolar's door.

If you guys are interested in eating at Van Gogh is Bipolar, here's their contact details. :)

Next stop was at The Burger Project. In here you can choose from their assorted burgers that is the size of a saucer or maybe it's bigger? I'm not sure. All I know is, it's very big and if you're a small eater you might not be able to finish it. But what's nice about them is that they also offer you a choice of making your own burger. It's reasonable and again, their serving size is good for 2 people. Unless you're very hungry or just have a very big appetite.

Burger of the Month

Us again enjoying the burgers. Hahaha! We ate French Lick & the one that has bacon... I forgot. :D

Next stop, we went to Moon Leaf for a little tea break since we ate a lot in the past 3-4 hours. I liked Moon Leaf because they have a really nice place. It's spacious, clean and they have a space where you can post random stuffs or just posters and fliers. I ordered Honey Aloe Vera and it was the right mix. Did I mention they also have an assortment of sweets and confectionery goodness? I recommend trying their Red Velvet french macaroons. :)

Honey Aloe Vera Tea
Dulce, Pistachio and Chocolate French Macaroons

Last stop, Banapple! Banapple is no longer in the Maginhawa area but it is in the Katipunan area, which is also near Maginhawa St. Well, it is relatively near Maginhawa St. I'm sure most of you know how delecteble the cakes here at Banapple. It is one of my favorite cake shops near our place. If you haven't tried eating at Banapple yet, I recommend tasting their Banoffee, Blueberry Cheesecake and their Apple Crumble. :)

Blueberry Cheesecake goodness! ♥
We are happy foodies. Look at all our take-outs! Hahaha!

The guys messing around. Hahaha! :)

Apple Crumble something something... Hahaha! Again, I forgot.
Caught in the act! BAM! Hahaha! :)
 I'll be ending my long post here. I hope you guys enjoyed this little tour of mine in the places we went to in Maginhawa St. If you have other places that you think is worth visiting in Maginhawa St. why not comment below so others can check it out or I can check it out as well. I guess this is goodbye for now! :)

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  1. Wow you've been to a lot in a day. I'd love to do this, I just have to have longer intestines (I get full pretty easy) hahaha... I'd been to Maginhawa recently (thrice alread) and so far I'd tried Gayuma, Friuli, and Delish. I'd love to check out Moonleaf, The Burger Project, and Van Gogh next time. Thanks for sharing this info. Nice post :)


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