Sunday, January 08, 2012

Quick Blog: Maginhawa Street Food Trip

Hello loves!

This is just a quick blog because I am tired and I have school tomorrow. I'll just update tomorrow when I have the time and energy. Anyway, we went to Maginhawa street today in Teachers Village, QC and let me tell you guys... IT WAS AWESOME! I'm a little bit "food drunk" right now so I have to apologize if I may sound overly excited or even incomprehensible. We've been to a total of 5 food places around the UP Teachers Village-Katipunan area and we were bloated! I am super happy today, my cravings were satisfied. We ate things from pastas to bagnettes to burgers to non-sweetened ice creams. Let's just say it was a foodie heaven. Hahaha! I'll stop here and give you some of the photos. I'll just make a structured post tomorrow.

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