Monday, January 30, 2012


LEAP 2K12 enrollment, a yearly event in my school that helps enhance student's other skills and a sort of day off for some teachers, is today and I had my eyes set on 2 classes. One was a photography workshop and the other one was a blogger's heaven. I got the chance to actually get the class that I wanted and I chose "The Runway of Blogging" class. Wanna guess who'll be the guest bloggers that will be talking on that day?

Can you guys see it? I have the chance to see Lissa Kahayon, David Guison and Patricia Prieto talk about how they have made it big in the blogosphere. I'm excited by this because it'll be in a classroom setting and it's pretty closed group type. I do hope that I'll have the chance to take some pictures with them. I'll definitely blog about it after it happens.

You guys must be wondering what LEAP is and what is it's purpose. LEAP is a half-day alternative class where students from my school can develop other skills and their talents aside from the academic field. It's a way to give the students and their teachers a time off the hectic and hassling regular classes. It also coincides with the University Week and it's generally a time to have fun and grow as a person.

I actually like LEAP a lot. It let's me experience a lot of things, see a lot of things, and meet a lot of people. I remember my first year when I enrolled to a Poi dancing class. It was so different and invigorating that I can't forget it. My interest in it was a bit short-lived but at least I can happily say that I have tried Poi dancing at least once in my life. Then the year after, I learned about the basic and fundamental things in Photojournalism with Andrew Pamorada, a popular photographer in our school. It wasn't as exciting as my LEAP class in my first year but it was informative and interesting. It actually made me more interested in pursuing photography as a profession or maybe as a part-time job.

I'm just hoping that this year would be a great one. It might be my last year to take LEAP and I want to make it count. Hahaha! Anyway, enough of this. I'll end my blog post here.

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