Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inspiration Trunk: Wild Child

Hello loves!

I haven't posted yesterday about the food trip in Maginhawa St. because I was feeling a tad under the weather AKA I was lazy. I got sucked in by the 9gag world. It was mind numbing. I couldn't even process what was happening in my life. I wasn't supposed to post anything today because I have recently watched Sherlock's new episode, The Hound of Baskerville and it was awesome that my mind is still fan girling up to now. Anyway, I decided that I should just do an inspiration post for you guys. :)

Here is my inspiration for today, the wild child. I am particularly drawn to people, even if they are no longer children, that are adventurous and throws themselves at the world. I aspire to be carefree, spontaneous and free spirited but I have some insecurities and limits so I can't be like that now. Err. I'm babbling. So here is some of the images I saw on the net that inspires me a lot.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

I think I'll end this here. I hope you guys liked my Inspiration Trunk post today about wild child and the concept of being free, careless and young. That's it!

Comments, suggestions and violent reactions?
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I'll gladly answer them all.

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  1. The guy on the right (top photo) looks like the guy from the 1st season of Skins/Gendry of Game of Thrones. :)

    -stupid commenter, Gab

    1. He is actually that guy. Speaking of Game of Thrones, the trailer for the new season is up. Have you seen it already? :)


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