Saturday, January 14, 2012

For The Kids 2012

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I'll be volunteering in this event, For The Kids 2012. I'll be making a special child feel normal and happy for a day. This is actually a yearly event that is organized by COSCA, one of the offices in my school and it aims to help special children feel like they're no different from normal kids. We basically play with them and just be with them on this day. It's a sort of special Olympics and we try our best to make the children feel normal.

I've been to FTK 2011 and tomorrow will be my 2nd year in FTK. It's sad that I didn't start earlier in my school life with extra-curricular activities like this. I'm trying my best to be more active this year and I do hope that I can maintain that frame of mind 'till I graduate. Anyway, I just want to invite the DLSU community that is reading this blog, if you are reading it, to come and join us make these kids feel at home and happy. It's only for a day that we get to experience the simplicity in life that can only be found in simple minds.

I'll end this post here because I have to wake up in early tomorrow for the call time is 6am, I think. Oh! And the event will be held at La Salle Greenhills' field. The children are expected to arrive at around 6:30am or 7:00am. I just hope that I'll wake up and be there in time. So, good night or good morning or just... GREETINGS! Hahaha! I'm out. :)

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  1. nice. xx

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