Friday, January 06, 2012

College 101: Tip Number Nine

Hello there lovely!

First day of school has passed and I realized that I should have made a back-to-school tip for you guys. I was so busy and engrossed on the things that I needed to do and forgot about blogging for you guys, well it's more for me than for you but whatever. I thought long and hard on what could be a good tip or tricks for you guys and then it hit me.

I remembered the time I was called in the Discipline's Office because I had left my I.D. for 5 times within 2 years time. It was the most nerve racking and scariest thing that could happen specially if you're a 2nd year student that just wants to go through your college life as easy and fast as possible. I thought that I didn't get anything from that experience but now as I look at it in retrospect, I found out that it was actually quite useful.

The head of the Discipline Office talked to me and asked me a few questions on why I constantly forget my I.D. or lose it. I remembered saying that I always seem to forget my I.D. because I takes it out of my wallet, the usual place I put it, when I change wallets or bags. And you know what she said to me? She said that for me to not forget about the things that I needed to bring or do, I should make a list of things that I always need before going to school. She specifically said that I should make a checklist, several identical ones actually, and put it in places in our house so that I can be reminded of those things even if I'm in a hurry.

Now, I actually think that it had helped me forget less things that I needed to bring to school. Here are some of the things that are in my "checklist before I leave the house":

  1. I.D. Never leave your house without your I.D. even if you don't have classes. You never know when you need an identification card!
  2. Wallet. As some people would say: No Money, No Honey. Hahaha!
  3. Cellphone. I think cellphones have now become a necessity in a person's life and sometimes you would forget your I.D.s but not your cellphones. Hahaha! Am I right?
  4. Notes. I think this is important for students. Notes of your readings is important because it will become your guide when your teacher asks you questions regarding the assigned readings for that day. You could even say that it will become your life saver by the end of the term.
  5. Readings. You should always check if you have the assigned readings in your bag before you leave the house because some professors will send you out of their rooms if you don't have the assigned readings. It is vital to a students life. No readings, No knowledge.
I think I'll end this blog post here because I do think that it's too wordy and longer than what I had expected. I hope that I helped you guys and well, I hope you won't leave those important things specially your I.D.. It's too hassling if you do and you might get into serious disciplinary offences in the long run. So, this is me saying bye for now and I hope you enjoyed this little tip of mine! :)

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