Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Celebrity Crush: Emma Stone

As you guys all know, The Golden Globes is done and I've shown you guys my favorite red carpet looks. I then realized that I really like this one celebrity. Sure, I've said before to myself that she looks gorgeous or that she's lovely but never really anything serious but now... Now, I'm really proud to say that I have a celebrity crush on Emma Stone.

She may be blonde, brunette or red head she is beautiful all the same. She's that gorgeous to actually pull off all those looks and still look brilliant. I also love the way she's confident and yet have that adolescent awkwardness in her that's just soooo attractive!

Another thing I like about her is that she can be an awkward normal girl then become a super sultry and foxy woman in an instant. I think it's the way her eyes pierce through you. It's just gorgeous for me. I can't help but like a person that have great eyes. (like Benedict Cumberbatch)

And lastly, I love Emma's purity. She's the perfect representation of a normal girl. She's dorky, she's funny and she can be sexy. I love her roles and the way she does it. She doesn't come off as a trying hard dork because she is one. I may be biased but I really like her, a lot! Hahaha!

I'll end my post here. I hope you guys like it and tell me what you think about her. Do you like her or hate her? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you guys. And I'll leave now with a bang! Guess what? I okay dating a girl like her. I don't mind. Hahaha!

Comments, suggestions and violent reactions?
Just post it below and let yourself go.
I'll gladly answer them all.

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  1. I think she's amazing. She's portrays an independent teenager/young woman with real drive and purpose. Love her. ^_^

    1. I think so too. She's a role model for teens out there that's finding their place in this world. It's as if she's saying it's okay to be different and just be yourself. She also has that rock n' roll vibe in her that I love. :)


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