Saturday, January 07, 2012

Animal Farm

Hey there dear reader!

I'm now in the process of reading Animal Farm by George Orwell as a class requirement and I thought, "Hey, why not share this to my readers?" So, here I am making this very short blog post to give you guys my copy of Animal Farm. The link will direct you to my mediafire folder where it contains the files. The copy of Animal Farm is in eBook and in PDF file. You can just choose whatever you want to use. :)

Tell me what you think about the book and maybe we can have a discussion about it to fully understand and maybe challenge one another's views. I think I'll end this post here. I need to get back on my reading and finish this book. Maybe, I'll even make a book review about it after I read it. This'll be the 1st book I'll finish for this year and it'll be my 1 of 25 books. It's sort of a challenge to myself to read at least 25 books before this year ends. So, I'll be going now. Ciao! 

Comments, suggestions and violent reactions?
Just post it below and let yourself go.
I'll gladly answer them all.

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