Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Series Review: Friends

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As you might have guessed it, the main gist of this post is about the 90s series: Friends. I just love this series and I have to admit though, I've just started watching this series on a regular basis since I wasn't born when this show was airing. So, yeah? Valid reason, right? Just agree with me here. Hahaha! I just wanted to make a little review of some sort about the series and some comparisons on an ongoing show, How I Met Your Mother. Another show that I also really like and I believe is just legen-wait for it-dary! Hahaha!

So, where were we? Friends. Right. Whenever I see this show, I remember its contemporary counterpart, in a way anyway, How I Met Your Mother. I know the internet has also said something like this and I totally agree, in some way. I can see how the characters are patterned the same way.

For example, Ted being like Ross. He's the Mr. Softy, the emotional wreck and the one that believes in happily ever after and all that jazz. Both of them have been left by their perspective wives, on Ted's part, and wives altogether, for Ross' part. They also have the funny guy, like Chandler and Barney. The cute couple, although I'm still not sure who the cute couple is since I've just finished season 1 of Friends so I don't know yet. Hahaha! I do know that Chandler and Monica will get together somewhere down the road but yeah. The cool loner, Phoebe and Robin who are just that crazy and yet ever so lovable! Hahaha! And I think that covers everything. I am not sure though where Joey kicks in. He's like Barney but then Barney is like Joey and Chandler mixed up all together. Right?

I also observed that there are a lot of similarities even in the episodes of these two comedy series. The psychiatrist boyfriend, the "I'll-be-waiting-for-you" episode, the cowboys and even the love triangles. They even have the naked guy! Hahaha! Also, the Central Perk is like MacLarens. Right? Even how Lily says, "you son of a bitch" it's like how Chandler said "You bitch" on season 2 when they found out that Chandler has a third nipple. Hahaha! Basically, it's like Friends is the mold that How I Met Your Mother writers made but there are some modifications. Although I'm not complaining because I love both shows and they are phenomenal! Hahaha!

Hookay! I think this is it! I'll end this post here. I'm just blabbering away anyway. Hahaha! But, I really suggest you guys watching it if you haven't watched it yet and if you have seen it, I know you re-watch it. Hahaha! So, if you're interested I suggest you buy the box set but if you're a prude like me... CLICK!

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