Sunday, December 18, 2011

Renee's Giveaways!

Hello lovely readers!

I'm sad to say that I haven't prepared for my giveaway yet due to the fact that me and my mom had been going out and about these past few days. There was really no time to take photos of the prizes that I have in store for you. However, I do have the general mechanics and the items ready already. I'll be posting the mechanics with the general giveaway proper later or maybe tomorrow, December 19. But, let me give you guys a gist of what I'll be giving away. Remember to stick till the very end of this post and you might get a wonderful surprise! ♥

I'll be giving away 3 sets of prizes, all of which will give the winner a lookbook account 'cos I know most of my readers are ladies and not to mention fashionable ladies at that! My first prize is an item from my online shop, B&D, and some other stuffs that'll complement the outfit. My second prize is a book that I actually love and some homemade bookmark that'll turn your day into a good one. And lastly, my final prize is a 50% off on any of the items in my online shop. Yeap, you read that right! 50% off on any item you want!

You know what, I won't be a Grinch this cheery holiday season. I think I'll also be giving everyone 20% off on all my online store's items! Yeap! I think this is the season to be truly jolly and just shop away the year! Don't you think? So, wanna know how you'll get the discount? Just put the code on your order form and I'll personally cut 20% off your order! Isn't that great?

Just put this code:

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