Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrift Hopping

Hello loves!

Last week was such a productive day for me since I got to buy some items for the upcoming collection of my online shop. I even had the chance to do some thrift shop hopping. I practically splurged around 800 pesos in the thrift shops and guess how many items I get to take home with me.☺ I was able to buy 8 pieces of clothing for the bottom and 7 pieces of tops. I love the bargain and the fact that the items looked really good. I even bought this quirky leopard print top. Anyway, enough about that. I really wanted to give you guys some tips when you are thrift hunting and shopping or in Filipino terms, ukay-ukay.

I know a lot of girls, and some guys out there, are apprehensive when it comes to buying in thrift shops and thrift clothes on online shops. I for one know how you guys feel. I was like that before. I was skeptical with the quality, the garment and the history of that piece of clothing. I remember my mom saying that those clothes were from dead people, people who were sick, or rejects. I know your parents said that to you as well. Right? So, I'd like to clear some things out because not all thrift clothes are second-hand low quality clothes from the dead/deceased.
  1. Some of the items that thrift shops have are second-hand. BUT NOT ALL. I bought some items that still had their tags intact, meaning it is unused just old stock.
  2. Not all items are spic and span clean. You shouldn't expect it to be clean like the items you find in the mall because you have to consider that these items were old stocks or are the display stock so you need to look carefully and be very aware of the stains the garment has. Always ask the question, "If I wash this, will it come off?"
  3. Underneath the dirt, there is gold. Okay, so some of the really good ones are underneath all the ugly ones. What you have to do is scan them with your eyes, specially the ones in the rack, and the first thing that catches your eye you should grab it and check it out. Sometimes, the items are in one big bulk and you have to literally dig down piles and piles of clothing just to find that one glorious piece and when you do find it, it'll be glorious!
  4. Take your time! I cannot stress this one enough. I have made a few mistakes when buying items in thrift stores and all of it was actually my fault. I tend to rush into things and not check the quality due to time I have. So, what I recommend to you guys is to allot time for your thrift shopping. Let's say, a day or maybe half a day all for thrift shopping so that you won't feel as if you need to get this done in a jiff 'cause if you do that you might not buy the best one or the cleanest one out there. Yeah?
  5. Look like you don't have money. I know this may sound weird but when you are going to a thrift shop you may want to dress down a bit. Maybe a pair of rugged jeans and an old shirt of some sort. Nothing designer. Just plain old clothes. Why? Well, the more you look like  pobre or as if you don't have money. The more you look like you don't have money the more discounts you'll get and we all know that love discounts. Hahaha!
  6. Haggle, Haggle, Haggle!
There, that is it loves! My guide or tips on thrift shops and what-not. I hope you like it guys! Just comment below if you have something to say or add to this tips. :D


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