Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thinking of Giveaways

Hello loves!

I have been thinking, since it is the season of giving and according to my blog's poll most of my readers are girls, I'm thinking of something to give-a-way for them. Well, to you actually. What do you think? Should I give away something for my readers this Christmas? I was thinking of something like a whole ensemble care of my online shop, B&D, and maybe an invite in Lookbook. Since I do have a lot of invites left, but I have to make sure the one who wins deserves that invite. Don't you think so?

Any suggestions or comments on the giveaway that I'm thinking? Any one? :)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

College 101: Tip Number Five

Hello loves!

I haven't done this in a while and I thought that maybe it's time to start posting again one of my most viewed segment. I have been out, meaning school was very harsh on me and I was too tired to actually write things that are blog worthy. So, what tip can I give you guys after my long break?


I know, I know. This tip might not be the easiest thing to do but I do know that it isn't impossible. Just because you are in college, it doesn't mean that you can't have fun and go out once in a while. As some might say, all work and no play makes a person waste away. Or something like that. Hahaha! So, here are some tips on how you can enjoy college:

French Brain Drain

Hello loves!

That photo right there is one proof why I'll be sucking at French. That right there is one reason why I really really suck at French. Hahaha! I don't particularly love the imparfait, passe compose, and all those tenses. Hahaha! Anyway, I just wanted to share to you guys one of my frustrations this term. I have a lot actually but I'm also very blessed this term. I'm starting to stand on my own two feet and I'm actually standing up for myself, even just a little bit. I think this'll be good for me. I'm starting to actually put into action something that I actually want to do with my life.

Actually, blogging has become a sort of medium for my thoughts since I don't usually speak out my mind in times that I need to or to people that should've heard my voice, but I just can't. Too Asian. Hahaha! Anyway, so that is that. Just a quick blog! I'm off to watch The Vampire Diaries now. Au revoir mon cher! 
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrift Hopping

Hello loves!

Last week was such a productive day for me since I got to buy some items for the upcoming collection of my online shop. I even had the chance to do some thrift shop hopping. I practically splurged around 800 pesos in the thrift shops and guess how many items I get to take home with me.☺ I was able to buy 8 pieces of clothing for the bottom and 7 pieces of tops. I love the bargain and the fact that the items looked really good. I even bought this quirky leopard print top. Anyway, enough about that. I really wanted to give you guys some tips when you are thrift hunting and shopping or in Filipino terms, ukay-ukay.

I know a lot of girls, and some guys out there, are apprehensive when it comes to buying in thrift shops and thrift clothes on online shops. I for one know how you guys feel. I was like that before. I was skeptical with the quality, the garment and the history of that piece of clothing. I remember my mom saying that those clothes were from dead people, people who were sick, or rejects. I know your parents said that to you as well. Right? So, I'd like to clear some things out because not all thrift clothes are second-hand low quality clothes from the dead/deceased.

Friday, November 25, 2011

What is the purpose of meaning?

The purpose of meaning is to set the boundaries, to know the limits, to not over-step and end up hurting another person. Knowing the meaning of something gives you the idea on how to act and how to react on certain things and if you don't know the meaning of things then your life would be purposeless. Am I right? Did that seem valid?

Pano ba makakalimutan ang isang tao?

Makakalimutan mo lang ang isang tao pag napalitan mo na siya sa buhay mo. Di naman necessarily na ibang tao ipapalit mo sa kanya kasi pwede namang palitan mo ng pagmamahal sa bayan, sa trabaho, o sa pagkakawang gawa. Di mo mamamalayan na nakalimutan mo na pala siya kasi masaya ka na sa ginagawa mo sa buhay mo.


(photo from Google)

A look. A touch. A snide remark.
It all brings pain to my heart.
With every comment you say behind my back,
It engraves deep within my heart.

I try not to weep or cry out in despair.
My heart wants to stop and die in pain.
But my mind, my mind is strong.

(photo from Google)

I refuse to give up and stop.

For living life is all I've got.
And no one can stop me from living.
No one can stop my heart from beating.
No one can stop me from fighting.

Even if pain is with my from today to tomorrow.
My never ending journey to tomorrow,
I'd still gladly take it.
For living even if it is with pain,
Is still living all the same.

A poem for those who are in pain. I just want to let you guys know that even if you are in pain, all of this will pass in time. Life is worth fighting for. Life is something that we should cherish because with our lives, memories are made. Even if it's a bad memory or a good one, it is still a memory. It's a proof that we are here. We exist! We are alive! So please, think before you pull the trigger. Think before you decide to stop fighting. Think before you decide to leave everyone behind. Life is too short that even cutting it by killing yourself is just unfair.
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Fashion Inspirations: Billie Piper

Hello loves!

As most of my friends know, and now I am now telling you, I am a big fan of British shows. I love, and I mean LOVE, Doctor Who. I've recently watched it and since then got hooked on it. But that wasn't my first British series. I think the first British series that I watched was Skins which is a very very very very good series. It has all the teenage drama and all that hoopla in it. 

But, what I'll be showing to you guys now is a fashion inspiration post about the looks of Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. See, my introduction was relevant! Hahaha! I just loved her during the first 2 seasons of Doctor Who and I googled her interviews and all that shit. I found out that she actually has a good sense of taste or maybe she just has a good stylist but whatever. Hahaha! So, here are some of the outfits that I just absolutely love on her. These outfits inspire me to get in shape and even some of the pieces of clothing that I wear.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hello loves!

If you are a constant or semi-frequent visitor of my blog then you must have noticed my new banner! I made it in 30 minutes tops while working on 2 other banner designs for my banner 'cos I wasn't actually sure what I wanted to put. So, anyway. I just wanted to ask you guys on what do you think of my new banner? Is it good? Is it bad? Any other suggestions? If you do have one, just click on "comment"!

Thank you so much for this loves! I would really appreciate your constructive criticisms. Oh, and if you have any other suggestion to make this blog more reader friendly or active, please do so by commenting or by contacting me! Please don't be shy because I assure you that I am very VERY friendly. Hahaha!

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Classic Beauty: Natalie Wood

Hello loves!

I have been gone quite some time now and I blame myself for that. I wasn't busy, as in very busy, but I was a bit out of it. I'm just not in the mood to write about my life and pour my feelings out. I did have eventful days and not to mention rad parties with my friends, which happens lately as I have noticed. Anyway, that wasn't the reason why I posted today but rather, I was blinded and intrigued by the beauty of real women back in the 60's-80's.

So, I decided to make a post for this new segment of mine: Classic Beauty. I chose to do a series of posts that shows real Hollywood women during the 50's and up until 1980. I have no explanation why I find them more alluring but I'll just spill it out that women during those years were far more vivacious and had the figure of "real" women. Women who eat and do not starve themselves, who are not afraid of wearing fitting clothes even if the think you're too big. I presented this segment because I believe that the citizens of the Internet should know that beauty has many forms. It is something that I believe all generations should see.

It is not "in" to be too skinny. Live a healthy lifestyle and believe in yourself! And so, here's some of the photos of Natalie Wood, a Hollywood actress that was believed to have been dead 30 years ago. I hope you enjoy this short post and hopefully, open your eyes to my definition of "beauty".

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