Saturday, October 01, 2011

Thesis Shit

Hello loves!

I've come back from the dead! Yes! Actually, no. I'll still be in and out of the blogging thing since I still have tremendous amount of work to do. I hate being away from you guys and I actually have tons of things to tell you like the concert, the thesis, the friends and everything of the sorts but I can't. It sucks how time can be so limited. Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick blog to say hi to those who are actually reading this. I'll also upload the mixtape I made for you guys, some other events in my life that are mildly interesting and some looks that I've managed to pull off. Oh! Speaking of looks, I've also made a resolution with myself that I'll actually start prepping myself up and actually making myself look half decent. Hahaha! So watch out for blog posts about that. I'm off now, bye loves!

If you want to stay updated with what I'm doing and everything else, you can follow me on twitter @chunibebe or you can add my official public Facebook account. And if you can't click the links, then you can copy and paste these links to your browser:




  1. No worries. Real life comes first! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

    I just came across your blog and I am totally loving it. :D Keep it up.


  2. Hi Carrie!

    Sorry it took me a while to reply to your comment. Thank you for liking my blog! I actually saw your blog and I loved it! Very interesting posts, specially the hair ideas. I'm actually gonna try out one of the styles. :D

    I do hope I'd hear from you soon and thank you again for the kind words. :)



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