Thursday, September 08, 2011

Graduation Pictorial

Hello loves!

I cannot believe that I had my graduation pictorial yesterday afternoon. It came to me as a shock that I was graduating soon and it could very well be the start of the end of my college life. I'm gonna be tossed out to the big bad world as some people would say and it actually got me thinking about what might come in the future. I was really happy that I got my pictures taken and I looked okay but it made me a tad bit sad. I want to leave La Salle. I do want to graduate soon. I do feel like I need to get my life in full motion but I'm scared of what might happen in the outside world. What if I'm not good enough or what if I become a disappointment to my employer. It's actually very stressful but I do love what I looked like during the shoot. Hahaha!

Here is my look for that day and I really love this kind of outfits since it lets me move around and not get conscious that I might show something more than I want to show. Hahaha! So here's my look and the breakdown of the items I wore.

This is the before picture of me and my friend, Airiz. Hahaha! We look so haggard because of the heat and all that jazz when we were still outside waiting to get called and have our make-up done.

This was me and the make-up artist/hair dresser for the graduation pictorial. She was so funny and very welcoming. I really love the energy and the general aura of gay people. I love them to the bone!

This is me after the shoot being very very vain since I only have those once in a lifetime chances of actually getting my hair fixed, make-up done and basically pampered, in a way. I just felt very pretty and loved. Hahaha! 

What I wore for that particular day. I looked cute, on my opinion. What about you? What do you think?

And last pose! Hahaha! I was so vain that I didn't even care if this post was far too long or what not. I just wanted to share it to you guys. Hahaha!

What I wore:

Versace Red Polo from a thrift store
Beaded Razor Back from Bench
Cotton Grey Leggings from Supré
Black Ribbon Flats from Marikina Shoe Expo

I'll end this here. I hope to hear from you guys and maybe even share your own graduation pictorial feelings and thoughts. Maybe even send a photo? I'd love to see you guys! With much love...


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