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College 101: Tip Numero Uno

I have decided that I should start a portion here on my blog called "College 101". I'll be giving tips on what I think made me survive and still be sane while I am in college. I won't be promising to you though that I could solve your college problems or any of that sort but I will share to you guys something that I myself have experienced in college and how I got past through it because of the things I will tell you. I am thinking of doing this bi-monthly at the least or weekly by the most. I want something regular in my blog, so I will really push through and persevere with this one.

The first advice that I think is important to those who are in college and generally in school and life is that YOU NEED TO HAVE A GOOD SET OF FRIENDS. I really think that it is important for anyone to have a good set of friends that are supplementary and complimentary to their personality. Let's say, I am a socially awkward person that is weird, extrovert and very active then I have a friend that is a polar opposite of me, our relationship could be said as if we are supplements to each other. While I am weird and an extrovert, s/he could be the quiet, good listener type. Do you get what I mean? Anyway, here is a list of qualities that my group of friends have and I believe any circle of friends have.
  • THE ORGANIZER is a person in the group that usually sets everything straight. He is usually the one that makes you do what you have to do before the deadline and helps you get back on the right track when you seem to be lost with all the work load in school. People like this also tends to be the responsible on in the group and says NO to distractions and leeway. I really think that everybody should have a friend like this in their circle because college gets hard and when you are in the time of need of someone you can count on and a prospect thesis partner, this person is your go-to guy. You can always trust and rely on this person to get the work done. I have to warn you though, never and I mean NEVER abuse your friend or else you wouldn't be a friend but you'll be a user. and believe me, you don't want to be labeled as a user friendly person.  
  • THE CRITIQUE is usually the person in your group that says what's on her mind and doesn't care whether or not you want to hear what she has to say. I know some people might not want to have a critique friend but for my case, I really need one. I would rather have a friend that stabs me face to face than a friend who back stabs me. To have a critique friend is actually not that bad. People usually think that friends should just be supportive and such but critique is also good for a person. Critique makes you better. It gives you the drive to be better than what you are now and it also gives you a slap on the face when you need to be told the truth. I have to warn you though, having a critique friend is good but you also have to know up to what extent you should take things seriously with that friend. Sometimes, people tend to forget their boundaries and just criticize and criticize and criticize not knowing that they are actually hurting other people. So, take it easy and never let the criticisms get to you more than a positive and constructive way or else you'd lose the purpose of having a critique friend, which is having someone check and balance your personality when you are doing something wrong and foolish.
  • THE CHILL is a person that is with you or should be with you at times when you just "don't want to do anything". This person is literally the embodiment of Bruno Mars' Lazy Song. You might ask, why would you want a person that is lazy as your friend? Well, from experience, I enjoy the company of my chill friends. You can practically do anything and everything and they wouldn't mind. They are like stoners but only the clean type. These people are the ones that you should be with when you just want to forget about your worries and the hassles of school. If you want to just chill and forget your woes, even for a tad bit of time, they're the friends you hang out with.
  • THE JOKER is the member of the group that practically makes you high and ecstatic due to his jokes and puns. This person is like George and Fred Weasley in Harry Potter. They will keep you up and give your heart a light feeling. I really suggest you have joker friends, but not the psychotic and world dominator fiend that Batman hates. No, not that kind of joker. The joker I'm talking about is a person that always has the funny stories, the quirky puns and ingenious imitators of actors, professors, and even your own friends. They are fun to be with, easy to get along to and most probably than not the cowboys of the group. Agreed? Agreed.
  • THE COMFORTER is the most caring and the most loving person in the group. They tend to be the nurturer and the mother of the group since they become your mothers in your circle of friends. I have to admit, I am a bit like this type of friend. I tend to listen and be the support of the group. So, why do you need a friend like this? Easy. You need a friend that supports and is always there for you when life brings you down. College can be pretty tough but when you have a friend that supports you no matter what, you'd get by. I can promise you that!

I think this should be the end of my post and I hope that you can find a new set of friends when you reach college but always remember to keep in touch with your old friends. I really hope that this would help you in any way that is possible and so, I bid you guys adieu! Remember, anything could be possible just as long as you believe in yourself and you have a group of friends that would be with you 'till the end. Alright? Alright. I'll be leaving you with a picture of one of my friends in college. I hope to hear from you guys on what you guys think of this post. You can contact me through commenting on this post or sending me an e-mail at: I would really love to hear from you guys. Again, bye for now!

Messing around with my two friends, Victoria and Gomer! ♥


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  1. Great post. Love the name of your blog :).

    Helen, X


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