Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hey hey hey!

Since I was so inspired because of you guys and the amount of traffic that I have been getting the past few days I decided to make a post again. It isn't a follow up to the College 101 segment of my blog but it is a "fashion" post. I laugh at myself while I type this. I am not the most fashionable or the consistent stylish person but I do follow the trend and try my best to follow it. I am a cheapscake and I can't buy clothes that fit me perfectly. So, here's my look for the day:

Dress: Evita, a gift from my aunt
Bag/Filer: Present Perfect, Perfect Presents from DLSU Centennial Bazaar
Accessories: Different Bazaars in DLSU

I actually wore with that top a cotton legging but I decided to take it off when I got home and decided to take the photos. Truth is, I can only be confident at my own home when my parents is out. So, there! I think I'll just keep this short since I really don't know what else to day. Bye for now guys! :)

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