Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Cracking Nail Polish

A few months ago, my aunt bought these Cracking Nail Polish and I got interested by the outcome of the nails after applying the nail polish. Sadly I didn't see what it looked like when she applied it to herself. So, I borrowed it today and painted my own nails. Here's the review or a simple commentary on what I thought about the cracking nail polish.

First, let me show you guys the nail polish brand and bottle. I don't know if this is a trusted brand or what-not but it looks like it's a China made product so I was a bit apprehensive on applying it on my nail and the general outcome. So, here is a photo of the things I used to get the outcome on the photo above:
[L-R] Black nail polish, Clear nail polish, Chocolate cracking nail polish

As you can see, I used 3 different nail polishes to get that kind of result. I actually applied the black nail polish first so it would become the "base" coating. What you can do is find a color that is in contrast with the color of your cracking nail polish, this way you can actually see the cracks and the details on your nails. After applying the base coat, top it off with the clear polish so when you apply the cracking nail polish it wouldn't displace your base coat.

Here is what my nails looked like after I applied the nail polish:

Please forgive my plump fingers and my hideous set of nails. I haven't had a manicure in such a long time. Hahaha! And I think I trimmed my nails far too short for it to be presentable as a hand model. Hahaha!

So, I'll just cut this short and say how the cracking nail polish rates for me. I think the design is very good, quite unique and has a lot of techniques in which you can apply but the down side for me it that it's a bit hard to maintain since there is a high possibility for the nail polish to just chip off your nails. But overall, I'd give it a 8/10 since it did make my nails look interesting and it is a bit new and easy to use. No need for that complex decal designing in salons and what-not.



  1. chuni babes! use a light base muna para mas maganda. and try the OPI or the etude house crack nail polish. maganda siya :))) I've tried both! <3

  2. mali ka nmn eh, dapat white ung base mo tapos manipis lang ang pagkakalagay ng cracking nail polish.

  3. Tehsa, hey babes! Really, sa Etude House? Sige. Next time I'll buy there. :)) And when did you start going to Etude House? :o :))

    Tita, actually gusto ko nga yung kinalabasan nung ginawa ko eh. Kasi parang nagmukhang snake skin yung nails ko. Hahaha! Hayaan mo, uulitin ko para naman yung tamang way na yung gagawin ko. :))


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