Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer Fashion

I have been going in and out of different fashion websites, blogs, and online magazines and I thought I could show you guys my Summer themed outfit inspirations and my personal take on how to look good and comfortable during the scorching heat of the sun.

Here are some photos that I consider as fashion inspirations:

This was from my ASOS fashion finder profile and I just absolutely love these things for summer! ♥
Even though it is hot and blindingly sunny during Summer, who says you can't wear shiny accessories? Right?
Summer doesn't necessarily mean bearing it all out and showing off most of your skin, it's about being comfortable, fresh and always so flambouyant!
Summer is also a great season to bring out those short shorts and show some legs!
One style that I really like is the Rocker type of fashion. It's edgy, different and very comfortable.

So those are my Summer themed fashion inspirations. All of the photos are taken from ASOS' Fashion finder and all items can be bought there as well. is actually one of the few fashion retail sites that I love because it lets you ship anywhere and everywhere for free. Not to mention having sales every season and sometimes even non-seasonal times. There's no strings attached here my shopaholic readers. really is shipping anywhere and everywhere around the world. Cool right? So go check them out now!

I'll be posting again and I'll be posting a how-to guide on making Homemade Short Shorts, or in my case just regular shorts since I'm a big and very cellulite friendly girl. Hahaha!


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